4 April, 2013 4 April, 2013

Jordy Rips at X-Games


Imagine what Jordy Smith would do to a wave like the one above? Well, you don’t need to imagine, you can watch him ride it in his new video clip currently up on the X-Games website.

Jordy faces off against Hawaiian big wave surfer and air specialist Albee Layer in a new addition to the X-Games, which are considered by many to be ‘the olympics of action sport’. The format is pretty simple – surfers submit their best video clip and are pitted against one another, with viewers voting for their favourite. The surfer with the most votes go through to the next round, where the process repeats itself until there’s only one surfer left standing, and that surfer wins X-Games Gold.

Watch Jordy’s clip here, and if you think his video trumps Albee’s, then swing him a vote and look out for what crazy action he drops in Round 2.


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