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Jordy Into Quarters, Gabriel Puts Pressure on Kelly at Quiksilver Pro France

Following a couple of lay days, Round 3 of the Quiksilver Pro France resumed today in unspectacular beachbreak peaks at Hossegor. Jordy’s surfing however, was spectacular.

Jordy was the standout on Day 8 of the Quiksilver Pro France.

Victory two weeks ago at Trestles appears to have boosted Jordy’s confidence, and two convincing heat wins have seen him skip Round 5 and jump straight to the quarter finals.

Also skipping Round 5 and qualifying for the final eight was world rankings leader, Gabriel Medina. This has loaded the pressure on Kelly Slater (USA), who will need to get past Taj Burrow (AUS) in Round 5 just to keep up with the Brazilian in the world title race.

Gabriel Medina has piled the pressure on Kelly Slater to perform in Round 5.

After a delayed start to the day’s action, Travis Logie was up first against Kelly Slater in Heat 7 of Round 3. Sitting on the outside with priority and the lead, Travis paddled for and missed a heat-changing wave at around about the halfway point. This left Kelly, who was sitting a little further on the inside, the opportunity to catch it and capitalise. You could argue that the 11-time world champ was scored generously for his efforts but the 8.00 score awarded by the judges was enough to put him in the lead, which he held onto for victory as the two exchanged mid-range scores in the dying minutes.

Travis Logie was unlucky not to beat Kelly in Round 3 after missing out on a crucial wave.

Jordy made no mistakes in his two heats though. The Trestles champ made the most of the tricky walls Hossegor was serving up as he faced Julian Wilson (AUS) in Heat 11 of Round 3, and he easily out-scored the Australian to leave him in combo-land for most of the heat.

In the three-man heats of Round 4, Jordy then needed just two rides, which scored a 6.50 and 9.17 respectively, to do the business against Taj Burrow and Jadsen Andre (BRA). This saw him jump straight to the quarter finals where his opponent still needs to be decided pending results in Round 5.

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    3 October, 2014 at 12:27 pm · Reply

    Trav got screwed… He won that heat.

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