9 July, 2013 9 July, 2013

Jeffreys Bay Open of Surfing Gets Underway

The Jeffreys Bay Open of Surfing has just kicked-off at Supertubes, with a couple of perfect waves peeling down the famous point – remnants of yesterday’s fun swell.

Supers this morning, a few fun ones before competition kicked-off.

Supers this morning, a few fun ones before competition kicked-off.

With 64 proven rippers hand-picked by the organisers, there’s going to be some exciting match-ups through the event which runs until Saturday. There’s a full spectrum of contestants – including legends like Gavin Rudolph and Occy, as well as some young bucks like SA Junior team members Diran Zakarian and Matt Macgillivray mixing up the draw – which should see some interesting contrasts in lines drawn and moves thrown by the competitors.

Aside from the competition, there’s also a full-spectrum of other happenings going on around town, making it an exciting week for whoever is in town. For more details of the J-Bay Winterfest, or to keep updated with results and images as they happen – check out the Jeffreys Bay Open of Surfing on Facebook, or follow @JBayOpen on Twitter.

Here’s a full list of invitees, plus alternatives:

Sean Holmes  /  Greg Emslie  /  Mark Occhilupo
Ryan Payne  /  Richard Edy  / Dale Staples
Shane Thorne / Warren Dean  / Frankie Oberholzer
Matt Bromley  /  Rickyt Basnett  /  Shaun Payne
Dylan Lightfoot  /  Steven Sawyer  /  Slade Prestwich
Warwick Heny  / Remi Peterson  /  Dave Rastovich
Jason Ribbink  /  Craig Els  /  Simon Fish
Josh Redman  /  Casey Grant  /  Adin Jeenes
Rudy Palmboom  /  Dan Redman  /  Kelvin Zehmke
Gavin Roberts  /  Brandon Jackson  /  Chris Leppan
Devyn Mattheys  /  Llewellyn Whittaker  /  Davey Brand
Chad Du Toit  /  Robbie Schofield  /  Allan Johns
Paul Canning  /  Warren Tuck  /  Josh Salie
Wayne Monk  /  Josh Smit  /  Clinton Gravett
Ettiene Potgieter  /  Dylan Stone  /  Dave Richards
Benji Brand  /  Donovan Zoetmulder  /  Kyle Galloway
Max Armstrong  /  Ari Kraak  /  Dylan Stewart
Shannon Ainslie  /  Diran Zakarian  /  Matt McGillivray
Gavin Rudolph  /  Noel Rahme  /  Johno Bruton
Granville West  /  Pablo Thysman  /  Manfred Adrio
Chris Frolich  /  Bruce Campbell  /  Twiggy Baker
Ryan Bisset

Davey Stolk  /  Dane Staples  /  Johan Kriek
Lee Bisset  /  Jaco Kapp  /  Quintin Jones
Trevor Hansen

Emma Smith  /  Faye Zoetmulder  /  Gina Smith
Heidi Palmboom  /  Nikita Robb  /  Sarah Baum
Taryn Chudleigh  /  Tanika Hoffman

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