28 February, 2014 28 February, 2014

It’s Time! 2014 ASP World Tour Kick-Off Imminent

It’s not even days now, it’s hours before the start of the 2014 Dream Tour. The start of perhaps the most anticipated season in recent memory. That’s mostly down to the fact that it is ZoSea’s first campaign with total control since their takeover of the ASP in October 2012.


Despite some grumblings about their new media policy, most reports coming from the ASP’s new website are being met with great approval. The announcement that J-Bay will be back on tour excited many, and so did their unveiling of Samsung as the title sponsor of the 2014 WCT tour.

They’ve also assembled a dedicated team that will be handling the broadcasts from each event this season, instead of how it has been in the past with each event organising their own. Much of ZoSea’s business model rests on the quality of their broadcast, so they’ve got to get that right.

With two South Africans in support you can’t go wrong, surely?

At the end of the day though, the success of the tour is still going to rest almost entirely on the performances of the surfers and the judges, plus of course, the core audience that have been supporting the ASP through its ups and downs. Lose the interest or trust of that core audience and the foundation upon which ZoSea plan to build their following will crumble.

So there is a lot to look forward to. These are a couple more things that should excite:

1. The waves are expected to cook for the first event. The forecast is looking promising, and according to reports the sand is as good as can be remembered on the Superbank.


2. Jordy is fighting fit. He’ll be contesting his first event since October last year. He is also a newlywed and we’re frothing to see how that inspires his performance this season.

3. The return of Owen Wright. The only real goofyfoot threat for the past few years. Remember him going win-for-win with Slater in 2011? How will his long layoff effect him?

4. Mick, Kelly, JJF, Julian, Gabriel and company. Because anyone on the Dream Tour can blow your mind. Some guys just do it more often. The right wave at the right time and the possibilities are endless for the Top 34.

All the action kicks-off with the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast. Watch it LIVE on www.aspworldtour.com as the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour (sheez, that’s a long name) gets underway. First call will be around midnight in SA.

Waiting period starts 1 March and runs until 12 March. Check out the teaser:

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