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France Win Junior Shootout vs South Africa

The French Junior surfing team defeated the recently announced SA Junior surfing team in an informal showdown at Durban’s Dairy Beach on Sunday, 22 February. Arranged by the South African Surfing Legends organisation with the help of Surfing South Africa, the event was used by both teams as preparation for the upcoming ISA World Junior Surfing Champs scheduled for California in October.

The triumphant French team were stoked to take out the win.

Check out the report below by Patrick Flanagan of the South African Surfing Legends.



With two weeks of almost daily sessions at Durban’s New Pier, the French team were well prepared for the informal South Africa vs France Shootout that took place on Sunday, 22 February.

Jason Ribbink and Bruce Jackson were on hand to offer coaching and advice.

On the day before the contest, the SA Junior Team worked intensively with the South African Surfing Legends coaching team consisting of; Bruce Jackson, Jason Ribbink, Spider Murphy and Chris Knutsen. KZN physio guru and avid surfer, Clint Grobbelaar, also spoke to the team about physical preparation and injury management.

So the SA team were primed and ready for Sunday morning when the first surfers paddled out in a full but draining tide in front of the pumphouse at Dairy in a gutless swell and a smooth south west wind.

The waves were small, but that didn’t stop some of the contestants from shredding.

By mid morning the outside bank was in play and although the waves lacked a solid top to bash, the contestants were managing three turns and covering some distance. The playing field was set for sparks to fly and they did.

The French team led by veteran coach and father of WCT surfer Jeremy, Patrick Flores, were on top of their game. Well prepared and super hungry they showed that attention to detail, strong mental attitudes and good physical conditioning are a vital pre-requisite to showcasing the surfing talent that they undoubtedly have in abundance.

Patrick Flores is aiming for top spot at the ISA World Junior Surfing Champs in 2015.

To position just where the French team are in the global ISA rankings, we need to acknowledge their second position at last year’s World Junior Surfing Champs in Equador. France finished just behind 2014 World Champs Hawaii and ahead of Australia in third.

So SA were up against it – big time. Even though they gave a good account of themselves, all could see that the team is at the start of a long journey on their way towards the ISA World Junior Championships to be held in California in October later this year. Although the team lost, their performance against the might of France in this event underlined their exciting potential.

Matt McGillivray took out the Under 18 division with some solid surfing.

Matt McGillivray won the Under 18 event (surfed against a mainly under 16 team from France), followed closely by team reserve Richard Kidd, who finished ahead of France’s Austin Arrive and Erwam Blaine. Matt is a J-Bay local and took a day or so to find his rhythm in the pretty unfamiliar Durban beach breaks, but once he had his performances just got stronger and stronger.

The Under 16 girls was won by Juliette Brice of France, while SA’s Sophie Bell made it into the finals. Jade Mets of KZN finished third the Under 18 final that was won by Lisa Giarde whose surfing turned a lot of heads.

The French Juniors have been down at New Pier daily working on their repertoires.

The all-French Under 16 boys final was won by Guadaloupe’s World Under 16 champion, Leo Paul Etienne.


UNDER 16 Boys
1. Leo Paul Etienne (FRANCE
2. Mathis Crozon (FRANCE)
3. Erwan Blain (FRANCE)
4. Gaika Housset (FRANCE)

UNDER 16 Girls
1. Juliette Brice (FRANCE)
2. Lisa Giardet (FRANCE)
3. Mahe Javgny (FRANCE)
4. Sophie Bell (SA)

UNDER 18 Boys
1. Matthew McGillivray (SA)
2. Richard Kidd (SA)
3. Austin Arrive (FRANCE)
4. Erwam Blaine (FRANCE)

UNDER 18 Girls
1. Lisa Giardet (FRANCE)
2. Mahe Javegny (FRANCE)
3. Jade Mets (SA)
4. Juliette Brice (FRANCE)


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