18 August, 2014 18 August, 2014

Dungeons Still Waiting, But Not For Long (Hopefully)

There was plenty of excitement last week after the ASP put the Dungeons BWWT event on yellow alert as a thick swell headed towards the Cape.

Dungeons is waiting…

It was the second time the Dungeons Challenge has been put on yellow alert during the waiting period, but unfortunately the swell they had their eyes on downgraded and no green light has been given…yet!

But there’s still hope with just 12 days left in the waiting period, because according to forecasting guru, Spike from Wavescape, two more solid swells are heading our way and this coming weekend looks very promising.

Back-to-back swells are forecasted to arrive in Cape Town starting Saturday.

“Expect a beautiful 15-18 foot swell increasing all day Saturday in epic winds,” reported Spike. “And Sunday looks proper big – 20ft plus. Oh, and so does Monday. That’s right. The second swell has arrived with 20ft-plus or bigger sets, maybe some to 30ft or more.”

One thing is for certain though, with two heads-up announcements already and not much swell to test their skills on recently, the Saffa invitees are frothing hard to show the world what they’re made of at SA’s premier big wave spot.

Event alternate and Hout Bay local, Frank Solomon sure is ready:

As are all the other invitees to the Dungeons Challenge, not least amongst them the reigning BWWT champion, Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker.

Here is the full list of invitees and alternates (Saffas highlighted in red):

ASP BWWT Top 12:
1. Grant Baker (ZAF)
2. Ken Collins (USA)
3. Nic Lamb (USA)
4. Shawn Dollar (USA)
5. Kohl Christensen (HAW)
6. Alex Gray (USA)
7. Greg Long (USA)
8. Ryan Augenstein (USA)
9. Anthony Tashnick (USA)
10. Ramon Navarro (CHL)
11. Jamie Mitchell (AUS)
12. Tyler Fox (USA)

1 Kelly Slater (USA)
2 Shane Dorian (HAW)
3 Mark Healey (HAW)
4 Ian Walsh (HAW)
5 Gabriel Villaran (PER)
6 Matthew Bromley (ZAF)


1. Carlos Burle (BRA)
2. Albee Layer (HAW)
3. Makua Rothman (HAW)

1. Mike Schlebach
2. James Taylor
3. Simon Lowe

4. Josh Redman
5. Chris Bertish
6. Andrew Marr


1. James Lowe
2. Frank Solomon

3. Jeremy Johnson

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