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Carissa Wins, Bianca 5th, Jordy Advances at Drug Aware Pro


Carissa Moore has won the 2014 Drug Aware Pro by defeating Australia’s Tyler Wright in chunky right-handers at Margaret River. That’s back-to-back titles for the powerful Hawaiian in Western Australia, and the result moves her to equal first in the world rankings along with Stephanie Gilmore – who won the opening event on the Gold Coast.

Carissa was in control at Margarets.

After a solid start that saw her win both her opening heat as well as a Round 3 encounter with Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) and Paige Hareb (NZL), Bianca Buitendag lost in the quarter-finals in a tough re-match with Sally. Equal fifth in Western Australia means that the Vic Bay local drops down one position to equal third in the rankings – even on points with Tyler Wright.

Equal 5th at the Drug Aware Pro for Bianca Buitendag.

In the Mens division, Jordy Smith has been looking solid in the choppy and powerful waves at Margaret River. He out-muscled Australian, Adam Melling, in a Round 3 encounter that had some solid 8-footers rolling down the reef. Although not a high-scoring affair, the heat was an exciting one which Jordy clinched on his final ride with just a few minutes to spare. You have to admire his commitment, though (check out the video below showing some of his highlights in the heavy surf):

The heat of Round 3 must surely be the encounter between John John Florence and Gabriel Medina. Both suffered ankle injuries last year, which is inevitable when you take to the air as high and committed as these two. Neither will let the thought of a smashed ankle get in their way though, and John John pulled a physics-defying forehand punt early in the heat to grab an 8.5 and put the pressure on Gabriel Medina – the current World rankings leader. With just three minutes remaining, Gabriel scored an 8.77 on a ride that was smoother than you can imagine in the bumpy surf to grab the heat win and advance to Round 4.

Gabriel Medina, smooth as you like.

Interestingly, Bede Durbidge beat Taj Burrow twice in one day after a re-surf of their Round 3 heat ended with the same result. The re-surf was called after it was pointed out that Taj’s hand had got caught in Bede’s leash while paddling for a wave in their opening encounter. The snag was enough to cause Taj to go over the falls on a potentially heat-changing wave.

Taj looked determined to get his revenge in the second battle and started strong, but Bede, like Jordy, is another guy who thrives when the ocean is chunky and unforgiving and grabbed victory once again.

Bede Durbidge was as solid as usual.

Jordy will be up against Bede and Josh Kerr in Round 4 Heat 1 when competition resumes at the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. In the meantime you can check out heat reviews, photos and results from today’s action on www.aspworldtour.com

Hopefully the next few rounds see some heats at the Box, which has had some good moments across the channel.

The Box, square.

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  1. Wave Call
    7 April, 2014 at 8:04 am · Reply

    Sheez the waves where so choppy crap…..all over the place …..hard to see it being more than just a another QS compo. Try the Box Mr Contest Director !

    Medina was so good against John F he adapts and moves so well between power and progression in his heats. That one backhand tail pop reverse on his last wave -so slick WOW!

    Love to see JS bring it home though.

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