22 April, 2014 22 April, 2014

Bianca Finishes 9th at Bells Beach

The notoriously tricky Bells Beach lineup got the better of Bianca Buitendag in Round 4 of the Rip Curl Pro. While Bianca appeared to struggle with the timing of her backhand turns, her opponent, Lakey Peterson, found a good rhythm on her forehand to eliminate the Southern Cape local out of the event in equal ninth spot.

Bianca couldn’t find the rhythm on her backhand and struggled to find a high score in Round 4.

Heading into the event in equal third spot in the world rankings after an excellent start to the season, Bianca’s early exit at Bells will see her lose a bit of ground on the leaders as they all advanced to the semi-finals.

Sally Fitzgibbens will face current ratings leader, Carissa Moore, in the first semi-final, while Tyler Wright will face current world number two, Steph Gilmore, in the second when competition gets back underway at the Rip Curl Pro.

Current ratings leader, Carissa Moore, has been carving up the Bells bowl.

Jordy Smith is still flying the Saffa flag in the Mens division, and he’ll be facing Julian Wilson in Round 5 when the guys next paddle out into the Bells bowl.

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  1. pothief
    22 April, 2014 at 6:09 pm · Reply

    keep ripping it up…….

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