31 July, 2018 31 July, 2018

C’mon Mr Edit-Duh! Zag 42.6 Error Explained

Every once in a while, like when he has one eye on the Corona Open J-Bay instead of his work, Zag’s editor lets a little error creep in.

But three glaring errors in one issue…that’s a new record! And although he has agreed to apologise like usual, Mr Edit-Duh will also be punished for his transgression. The rest of the Zag crew and the parties affected by his incorrect photo credits have been given instructions to drop-in on every wave he catches for the next six weeks.

To set the record straight, this is where the errors crept into the new issue:

Shot Bru – Pg 49:

No, the winner of the kiff Hurley hamper for the finest reader photo submitted to Shot Bru is not Olivia Jones (PR guru). Instead, it’s the hugely talented and recently married Olivia Fraser who snapped this winning shot of York van Jaarsveldt at K-Bay. Sorry Olivia and Olivia, please drop in on Mr Edit-Duh! when you next see him.

Standouts Article – pg 70 & 75:

This article profiling three standout Saffas also featured shots from a collection of the country’s best photographers. But it wasn’t the excellent Ian Thurtell who shot the portrait of Tanika Hoffman featured top left of page 70, instead, it was Greg Chapman that nailed that perfect picture. Sorry Chappypix, Mr Edit-Duh! awaits his punishment.

Then on page 75, Kody McGregor’s wicked shot of Steezy Sawyer at Supers was incorrectly credited to Alan Van Gysen. Kody, Mr Edit-duh! owes you a beer and a wave.

Apologies to the photographers concerned, and to Olivia Jones.

Check out the Sneak Peek for issue 42.6 here, to see what error-free content also appears in the new issue.

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