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Big Wave Surfer Chris Bertish | Transatlantic Crossing On SUP

We usually wouldn’t go out of our way for SUP coverage. But occasionally some things are worth breaking cruel surf codes for. SA big wave surfer, inspirational speaker, author and SUPerman, Chris Bertish, is one of those things…

Chris Bertish is the type of dude that will make you do that extra sit-up, flush your smokes down the toilet and give away your sarmie to a bugger more hungry than you. Always pushing the limits, Chris Bertish is probably best known for chasing massive liquid mountains and massive dreams. His latest dream is no exception. Chris hopes to cross the Atlantic ace-out on a stand-up for various charities, making him pretty much the Hercules of SUP.


Chris Bertish, big wave sufer and SA SUP record holder hopes to cross the Atlantic on an SUP, ace-out. Photo © Craig Kolesky

Chris was the first (known) person to SUP Dungeons, holds the South African Open Ocean SUP 24-hour Distance World Record and won the Mavericks Big Wave International surfing event in 2010. And it doesn’t stop there mere mortals. Chris is also a global inspirational speaker, businessman and author of best selling book on big wave surfing, titled Stoked.

With Chris’s long list of medallions, it is easy to digress. But let’s go back to why we’re here in the first place – the part about SUP’ing accross the Atlantic…


Chris Bertish sailing on his SUP. Photo © Maleen Hoekstra

Chris hopes to become the first person to make a solo transatlantic crossing, unsupported and unassisted on a custom made 6-meter long SUP. The journey is scheduled to start this December, spanning four months in which Chris will paddle a marathon a day, covering 4,600 miles of saltwater between Morocco and northern Florida. As if that wasn’t enough of a gesture to the big wide world, did we mention that the SUP crossing will support initiatives such as the Lunchbox Fund, Operation Smile, Signature of Hope and Two Oceans Aquarium?

But great things can’t be done alone. Support Chris and his exceptional team in realizing this incredible undertaking HERE. “Nothing is impossible, unless you believe it to be!” Put that in your pipe and stoke it. Big ups Chris – supporting you all the way bru!

*Lead Image: Chris Bertish at Todos. Photo © Jason Murray

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