9 May, 2014 9 May, 2014

Khoisan Ledge – Cape Coast

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Slab hunters Frank Solomon and Matt Bromley ventured out into the wintery fog yesterday in search of exposed granite boulders and the kegs that explode over them. While most of the Cape was busy at work and hiding from the pre-winter storm that built, they were scanning desolate coves for something new, something exciting. Something to get the blood moving. But after striking out with nothing but big, wild surf they decided to check an old friend that Frank knew only too well. An old friend that only a handful of surfers have tried, and few tamed. More of a bodyboarders wave really.

After watching a few scary ones smash into the exposed rock on take-off, Matt and Frank decided to give it a try (or at the very least check it out from the water). Fortunately a crew of core and amped bodyboarders arrived to join the standups and share the lineup. Heavy waves were caught by all, but the standout was Matt’s set wave that the boogies encouraged him into, and the tube that followed the throaty drop. You’ll have to check out Zigzag 38.5 coming soon for evidence of that.

* Spot name has been changed to protect its location.


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