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Weekend Special (Eastern Cape)

This past weekend was firing, not only in East London, but elsewhere in the Eastern Cape too. It’s true, and Kody McGregor captured the proof.
(all photos and captions by: Kody McGregor)

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  1. Gustav Lokotsch
    25 June, 2015 at 7:11 am · Reply

    Shot for the exposure of my local spot, next time please add a map on how to get there as well as a list of conditions which will provide the o’s with an exact indication as to when they need to come here. Jakes – Instead of seeking constant self gratification why dont you learn a bit of respect and pay back the money pal….. Etienne, well now you know why the o’s waxed your windscreen at Blue water bay bru, if any of you are anyhting in the bigger picture of the surfing world, why are you not on then WCT??? Bra, when i actually saw this, i struggled not to puke…. Im cut so deep i actually really dont know what to say…. One thing for sure, im not going to say nothing….

    • Get over your nappy rash
      25 June, 2015 at 8:21 am · Reply

      Get over yourself dude – it is impossible to know where this is from the write up or the pictures!

      • Gustav Lokotsch
        25 June, 2015 at 8:51 am · Reply

        This is not about me bra… There is about a core underlying priniciple… Il tell you what, let you be on the receiving end of something like this and I will gladly have discussion with you on how you feel a out it…. This place is part of me bru, part of my soul…. 20 years i have lived and surfed there and developed a very close relationship with the place…. Justify it as a nappy rash if you want, you can try paint the picture as pretty as you want, in the end it is what it is and for what?? to provide a few individuals with 10 seconds of glory… Biggest barrels in PE ever….. Do me a favour… Tell you what, take your media contigent as well as your “koi” crew to Claptons or how about the secret spots around the cape st francis area, do the same as the above and see how that turns out for you.. Suppose they got nappy rash to man and so do all the other surfers who are so desperatly trying to protect their little secrets they have found from complete and utter globalisation.. You have a good day further man…

    • Mike Van Vuuren
      25 June, 2015 at 8:27 am · Reply

      Message to the writer above GL, you don’t own the ocean and never will, the ocean is for ALL to share so strongly SUGGEST you get off your selfish little egotistical horse and stop thinking or believing that you A) discovered this spot and B) that you own the ocean – for what it’s worth, surfers were riding this spot in the early to mid 70’s so put that in your pipe and smoke it …

      • Gustav Lokotsch
        25 June, 2015 at 9:36 am · Reply

        No one owns the ocean… Some surfers just grow a closer affiliation to certian places than others and feel this deserves a bit of respect, apology’s if any of you view my moral principle as one that is selfish..
        I neither threatened anyone, so Dr Dingle and everyone else need not worry about rub and tug throw downs or tyre let downs…
        Only thing to do, that is be fitter than everyone else, use my knowledge of the spot and make sure i put myslef in the correct place… Thats about all i can do barring expressing my feeling inside.
        For those that have no problem with exposing spots, we are just very different people and the only thing that can be done in this situation is agree to disagree…
        Im no where near angry, just very sad man… for those that fail to understand this, maybe one day you will experience something similar and be able to relate to my feeling.
        Dr Dingle, one more thing, thats why i like to live out here, no aunty’s on long boards or groms, just pure soul surfing… so once again forgive my sadness as a result of the above..

        • Dr Dongle
          25 June, 2015 at 12:55 pm · Reply

          Aw boo hoo. Dude you’re such a whiner. Go, just go now.

    • Dr Dongle
      25 June, 2015 at 8:49 am · Reply

      Gustav Lokotsch you’ve basically shown yourself up as a big knuckle dragging whop. Zag did nothing wrong here, except to responsibly highlight an exceptional session with some exceptional surfing, from some of SA’s finest: Stone and Lightfoot… and in doing so basically stoked out the whole South African surfing public. Shot Zag! There’s no locations mentioned beyond PE and that’s SA’s 4ht biggest city… or is it Bloemfontein? But I digress. My point is, I still have no idea where this place is. Do I want to go find it, hells yes! ASAP. If I see you in the parking lot, I sure hope you walk as big as you talk. We can have a nice little grapple / rubtug in the dirt when I catch you letting down my tyres.

      If this little bit of internet glory exposes your local spot too much, then you’re a fricken surf grinch and you need to get off the grid, go a bit deeper innie bos, because I’m sure there’s a lot more about the modern world that’s upsetting you. Go search a little deeper and maybe you’ll find a bit of a clue while you’re out there. Hopefully. In the meantime, if you can get over your massive sense of injustice, please try spare a thought for the rest of us who are just amped to see some epic waves and sick surfing. I’m gonna take that stoke down to Long Beach later and try and avoid being skewered by an aunty on a longboard while fighting over the scraps with groms. I’m just stoked someone is getting slotted and I’m damn glad to see the evidence.

      And while we’re having a good old chinwag, I must also say thanks for the tip about Blue Water Bay hey, must be a cooking wave there if you’re willing to wax someone’s windscreen over it, maybe we should all go check that out too. Once we’re done clogging your local line-up with our longboards and SUPS and goat-boats. Shot Gustav Lokotsch! What a legend.

      A word of advice. Basically, before you get angry on the internet, you need to go and have a nice big poo and hopefully that will make you feel better.

      • Ponch
        25 June, 2015 at 11:45 am · Reply

        nothing a good shit cant sort eh?

        • Dr Dongle
          25 June, 2015 at 12:53 pm · Reply

          You said it Ponch!

  2. Ponch
    25 June, 2015 at 8:37 am · Reply

    i can tell from that last pic exactly where this spot is. started a whatsapp group of about 34 kooks. see you next weekend 🙂

    • Dennis
      29 June, 2015 at 1:39 pm · Reply

      Like Johnny says below,some spots will take care of the crowds.Love to see 34 kooks out there.

  3. Ex local
    26 June, 2015 at 7:38 am · Reply

    Hey Gustav, chill man.

    Link – http://www.heraldlive.co.za/dagga-plantation-suspect-released-on-r4000-bail/

    The internet can be cruel…

  4. Dennis
    29 June, 2015 at 1:50 pm · Reply

    The bottom line with all this shit talking is that some spots should be shown a bit of respect,as uncrowded,isolated waves.They’ve been surfed like that for years and that’s the way they should stay.show some respect to the SURF SPOT so it doesn’t become another Long Beach.If the crew had rocked up at some lessor known spots in other parts of the country there would have been far worse than wax on the windscreen.All for a couple of photos to stoke a few egos.
    Many,many people have surfed this spot over the years,just as good,maybe better,without telling the whole world that they got better waves than anyone else.
    As for the location kept secret,it hit the social media before the second day and everyone knew the location.Every surfer I spoke to in the next few days knew and was frothing about it.Most still are.It’s a bit of a wank really.
    I watched for an hour,too crowded and not as good as the photos that’s for sure.took a drive and surfed just as good,if not better waves,with half the number of people.maybe it’s just me but I tend to enjoy a more soulful experience,and not another photo shoot with a bunch of okes trying to get a cover shot.
    Are you people really in favour of exposing and exploiting surfspots?Not that Maitlands is a secret spot,hasn’t been for years,just show the place some respect.
    Anyway,Gustav may sound like a lone,albeit extreme voice,but there are a lot of people who have been surfing here regularly,and quietly for years.

  5. Casey Beveridge
    30 June, 2015 at 1:16 pm · Reply

    1. If there is a parking lot at the secret spot, it is not a secret spot.
    2. If you are a local, you must take it on yourself to protect your local break and not via the internet or with tough talk to win the approval of whoever you are trying to convince on the internet.
    3. If you are prepared to fight for what you believe in, fight, don’t talk up a good fight.
    4. Surfing is a non contact sport, if you want to play contact sport, contact Chris Bright from PESFA.
    5. Every sport has self confessed heros, we just feel sorry for anyone who hashtags themselves as a ripper or shedder or ect ect ect
    6. If you haven’t won a QS event, you don’t rip, you just think you do
    7. If you win a local surf comp in 1 foot waves and claim it all day long on the internet, you are a cook
    8. If you have to post every photo that is ever taken of you surfing or looking cool, you are a tool
    9. If you all talk, everybody knows it and we all laugh at you when you want to be taken seriously
    10. If you piss off the wrong people, you will not be welcome anywhere, so pay for your board repairs, be humble, share waves and don’t hold grudges. (If you do, contact me and I can show you who you going to end up like)
    11. Surfing is supposed to be relaxing, if its not relaxing anymore, you need a new hobby/sport
    12. If you are the hated fearsome local, that everyone hates, oneway when Jaws has you in his mouth, no1 will help you and it may cost you your life.
    13. Enjoy the Surf, the sun and the company of your fellow surfer, thats what is all about until you fighting for the world title, which no1 in PE is doing right now.Peace

  6. Casey Beveridge
    30 June, 2015 at 1:34 pm · Reply

    14. Never F#*k with a mans dog or a mans car! If you have a problem with someone, deal directly with them!

  7. John
    1 July, 2015 at 7:06 am · Reply

    I surf this place to,often with some of these guys in the photos,and some of the guys making the comments.I don’t think violence
    is necessary, don’t think some of the out of towners comments have been thought through very well,and this dose not show them
    up in a very good light.As locals we all know GL is very protective of his local break, but must add he has never stopped anyone from surfing here,nor do I think he wants to,I think he just takes exception to it been splashed all over the Zag by locals.The shot
    are great,but I must agree take your egos and media crew to Claptons and see what happens.

    • Jonesy B
      1 July, 2015 at 8:52 am · Reply

      Ag it’s such a laugh seeing you okes handbag each other…..nobody actually gives a tit.

  8. Josh
    1 July, 2015 at 8:42 pm · Reply

    Josh Enslin – PE Local Surfer
    For some that know me, they would agree this is not something I would do as I detach myself from negative vibes, this said this entire post has created a stink in the PE surf community and some serious words have been said about the people I call my “brothers” for this reason I will say what I have come here to say!
    I have read all the below threads and most aspects could have been worded better but as they have been bluntly put, I will express my wording the same with the intent of setting this entire ‘THREAD” straight.
    The locals that have been pin pointed by you Gustav are local surfers who are very well liked along the eastern coastline and have done nothing to you, they show respect in and out the water and went for a “surf” and “shot” some pics. The pics ended up coming out cool and made it on this legendary Zigzag site. No harm done here! “Couple LOCAL surfers who went surfing and posted an epic surf session”. (When you have 4x water photographers and 6x land photographers and at least 10x CT surfers, then the surf spot has a problem”
    I stress the capital letters when I say ‘LOCAL” as Port Elizabeth is not big, it has many waves stretching along many KM of coastline and the surfers you “name dropped” surf the spot on most given weekends, they work full time jobs else they would surf it more often. You surf the spot more than most, this does not make you more LOCAL than anyone that lives in Port Elizabeth and surfs the spot. This does not give you the right to “act out” and name call on a national site / public platform!
    You mention “Jakes crew” in the below thread, I surf with my bra most weekends so I take it this is me you talking about or perhaps its one of the other “oaks”?! Either way, we family and again to my point we live in Port Elizabeth, the same town you live in and we surf the same wave you surf so lets take a step back before we drop the LOCAL word to many times. If it was someone from Cape Town or Durban (respectively), yes then they from out of town and not local but again the below wording was thrown around and is making PE surfers look lame! Thanks for that, your post got all this started and it’s unfortunate but due to the negativity in the thread below from your wording it has become viral…if this was not the case it would of been a couple cool photos seen by the public by PE local surfers at a break 98% of the SA public would not know but this is not the case thanks to acting out!
    Not sure if you are aware but I live in Port Elizabeth and surf the spot as much as I can (my job will allow).
    I live in Newton Park, my dad has a farm I grew up on just a few km from the parking lot “Seaview Rd”. Been coming here for years and years and my intention is to paddle out, stoke out with my friends and cheer them on when they get a “good one”.
    I am not going to run my mouth every time its crowded or sit on the beach and be pissed off, it’s a surf spot and this said sometimes its crowded and sometimes its not! Luck of the draw.
    A couple photos that appeared on this legendary site popped up, “no break name” might I add 🙂
    This post was and will not attract surfers from all over South Africa and draw them into the break, I say this based on the below:
    1) We know the location is a mission to drive
    2) We know it only works on the correct winds
    3) We know how sharky it is
    4) Other surfers in some of the below “breaks you name” will carry on surfing home soil.
    I want to be clear on the below and be transparent:
    1) Respect any local surf break and all locals – (We are all locals Port Elizabeth residents)
    2) Let all surfers enjoy your break and share the stoke (It’s for one day)
    3) If someone is being disrespectful in the line-up (Sort it out)
    4) If you going to inflict harm on someone’s car (Be ready for the flipside of it…it will come)
    You have disrespected some of the local crew.
    You have name dropped and taken it on a personal level.
    You have acted out on a national platform attracting more attention to the situation.
    You have gone off and got a lot of oaks bleak over something you have done but yet are acting out on (below)
    “I will not drop the sites actual link as it is disrespectful to Zag, however you posted on M.S.W”
    Gustavlokotsch’s Photos
    Photographer: gustavlokotsch
    You posted around 13 pictures of the wave firing!!!
    Your photo caption read “Maitlands beach break”
    I did a rough count on the amount of picture likes: 15 000 plus +
    This site is a very very well known surf report site that a lot of South Africans look at…But this was cool for you at the time”””
    Practice what you preach!
    You surf the spot more than most, others surf it and are also local (Not one local at the break)!
    It never has more than 15 oaks in the water! It never will!
    Stop dropping PE names!
    When you see a photo on social media (Think before you act)
    I am trusting all this trash talk will stop right here, let us leave it alone but not forget!
    PS- Lekka photos oaks, fun waves and good pics #staystoked

    • Gustav
      29 October, 2015 at 12:01 pm · Reply


      Based on feedback i have received i have decided to come and clear the air for all. This is my 2nd final say and i think paints a fairly clear picture on what you CYOH “brother/s” are about, Below is my correspondence between Kerry (Millers Local) which then got forwarded to Johnny Bakker RE an incident that occured. Note that this was 1 vs 4 but there was a plan, Johnny’s wife i do believe is the head public prosecutor in PE, so what do you think would of happened if i not clapped this lighty and i only found this out after the fact. Johnny came to my work to apologies, I never punched anyone but merely got out the water, but hey Im the K&*nt – REALLY

      From: Gustav Lokotsch

      Sent: 23 January 2012 02:19 PM

      To: ‘millerslocal@gmail.com’

      Subject: Lack of Respect from PE youngster

      Importance: High

      Hi Kerry,

      If it’s possible please post this letter below from me on
      the MillersLocal site. A total lack of respect occurred from Luke Bakker on
      Saturday and would like to make people aware it. If it is possible I would like
      his parents contact details so that I can forward his letter to them as

      Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. If
      you not going to post it please let me know.

      Kind Regards


      Lack of Respect from youngster Luke Bakker

      On Saturday 21 Jan 2012 I arrived round 11h30 at Beachview
      for my second surf of the day only to find Jakes, Justin Gray, Dane Van
      Gruening and Luke Bakker paddling out. I won’t say I was thrilled but due to
      the “issues” Jakes and I have had but I decided to just get in the water and
      surf and was not interested in having a confrontation at all. The waves were
      fun and it was fairly consistent and I was amped to surf. I got in, kept my
      mouth shut and waited my turn. The other 3 individuals (Dane, Luke and Justin)
      I did not know at all before the “incident” and had to research to find out
      what their names were.

      We surfed for about an hour or so then Luke decided to drop
      in on me. The wave that he dropped in on me was not that good so I decided not
      say anything rather than create more vibes than what were already there due to
      what happened between Jakes and I like 2 years ago, but banked that one in my
      memory in the event he did it again, he forgets he is a youngster. I am more
      than 10 years his senior. I was surfing that place before he was even born.
      That coastline has probably nearly drowned me more times than he has surfed
      there. So what gives him the right hey???? It was no body’s turn. We were sort
      of sitting in line, me closer to shore him further out, so when the wave came I
      paddled to the inside and went. He saw this but yet still decided to go.
      So for the sake of peace I said nothing and paddled back out

      But wait that’s not even near the end of it…..

      About 30 minutes later a similar incident happened but this
      time Luke did not drop in on me but rode his board up onto my back as I was
      dropping in, which I thought is not really a safe thing to do, in my head I was
      thinking “is this lighty really doing this??” Paddling back to him
      to ascertain WTF happened he paddles up me grabs the front of my board and says
      the following (excuse the language): “Who the fuck do you think you are???
      Do you fukin know who I am????? You don’t even fukin know who I am.
      You’re a fukin kook man. Go to the fukin beach.” I replied: “Well if you
      want to go to the beach and talk we can?” Only for him to relpy “fuck
      you and your fukin beach” Honestly who does this kid think he is hey?? Some
      sweet words coming out of his mouth hey. I told him to go back and surf pipe,
      it is the first time I have seen him out here only for him to reply “Fuck
      you, you don’t even surf pipe man” and yes that is correct because 99% of
      the time its fickle and shit. Luke I surf pipe bro when is PULSING 6ft and
      bigger. Anyway we surfed on for another 20 minutes or so with a seriously
      sif vibe in the water. Four against one is easy hey. Justin Gray then skeefed
      me with a wry little smile on his face and on confronting him on why he is
      bleak with me after letting him know that I have never dropped in on him nor
      snaked him nor had personal issues with him (I don’t even know him), he says to
      me: “no, it’s because of the lightly”. I will tell you something, I have a
      local lighty that lives out of seaview and he comes straight from the OLD
      SCHOOL. Let him have spoken to any older surfer like that I would of paddled up
      to him and given him a smack myself… So I guess because I have issues
      with one individual IE Jakes, it escalated to issues with 3 others who I do not
      know and have never surfed with. Seems like there was possibly an agenda on the
      cards before they paddled out????

      After words with Justin and a bit of a too and fro with
      Jakes, I turned to the lighty and said “Bro you are so lucky you got me in a
      different mood” Jakes turns around and says to me you think he is lucky (the
      lighty Luke), you don’t even know who his parents are. You lucky you did not
      smack him, you’d be fukin dead (More threats)…. So now because your
      parents may be someone important does that give you the right to say and do
      what you want???? Surely you should let people respect you for the individual
      you are and not what and who your parents are??

      Anyway I left them in the water and paddled in as my vibe
      had been slowly choked to death by individuals that believe they are more
      privileged due to their social standing or that of their parents and was no
      longer keen to surf.. Jakes and Luke left me with the following words… “Gustav
      JUBBA is going to eat your ass tonight!!! Jubba is going to eat your ass!!!”

      and they repeated this quite a bit… Please tell me who is
      Jubba????? Can I give you my number so he can call me??? And I reckon my
      asshole tastes shit bro…

      Where did I ever even issue one threat to you these guys????
      But Jakes that’s how you operate, like when you and your “crew” ganged up on
      that dude in J bay and put him in hospital during the Billabong, like when you
      and Casey ganged up on me at Maitlands you assumed I apparently left you a
      special “love” message on your car. I at least can say I have never put
      someone in hospital.

      In conclusion

      I was on the verge of paddling up to Luke and teaching him a
      lesson in respect but thought to myself, well if I do this, who is going to
      look like a tosser???? (And trust me I had to dig deep not to do it) More than
      likely it will be turned to make me look like a tosser??? So instead of
      punching him is the face on Saturday I making the “incident” known to everyone
      so next time (and hopefully there will never be a next time) he uses
      language like that towards me, I am not going to take it lying down…

      The same goes for you Jakes, next time you come to my home
      break where I have lived and surfed for the last 16 years and threaten, swear
      at me or attack me personally with comments such as “No wonder you have no
      friends or Fuck you Gustav, don’t talk to me you are just that type guy”,
      things are not going to turn out so peacefully bro. I am tired of your
      threats and bad mouthing!



    • Gustav
      29 October, 2015 at 12:05 pm · Reply

      My Final response – Correspondence between myself and Kerry once again after Kerry posted and article on her Millers local RE local presence at PIPE and how Casey the enforcer will “sort” you out if you step out of line -But hey you o’s are all about the respect and peace hey… Next time you guys see me, lets have an open debate and dont hide behind smoke and mirrors pal.. Thanks
      all for resolving the matter.

      is important that concerns are raised and resolved amicably asap.

      can never say surfing is boring or without passion.

      closed (please).





      (+27) 82 372 6684

      to Mail: (+27) 86 675 8820


      PO Box 13851




      From: Siegfried Lokotsch [mailto:Sieg@jendamark.co.za]

      Sent: 21 September 2012 04:48 PM

      To: cyohsurf@yahoo.com; Gustav Lokotsch; kyle@swimacademy.co.za;
      dalend@canonec.co.za; theboardroom@axemail.co.za; millerslocal@gmail.com;

      Subject: Re: Kook season as written by CYOH

      Hi Robert,

      That’s great thanks. Apology accepted.

      I appreciate your response and we can all move on from here.

      Kerry, thanks for your response.

      Have a good weekend and happy surfing.



      From: Robert Jacobs [mailto:cyohsurf@yahoo.com]

      Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 04:31 PM

      To: Gustav Lokotsch; Siegfried Lokotsch; kyle@swimacademy.co.za ; dalend@canonec.co.za ; Dennis Ellis
      kerry wright ;
      Johnny Bakker

      Subject: Re: Kook season as written by CYOH


      Clearly there seems to be a complete miss understanding & miss
      communication with regards to the “kook season” article published by
      Millerslocal, hence all of your attendance in this email. We at CYOH SURF CLUB
      are not responsible for any personal opinions voiced in any article, even tho
      we strongly see this article to be only positve advice for beginner surfers. We
      also feel strongly for all the hard work, effort & only positive energy
      Millerslocal’s platform plays in the PE & national surf community. As for
      CYOH SURF CLUBS contribution not only to the surfing & local community, our
      environmental & animal assist campaigns, surf competitions & fitness
      programs, group outings, team & friendship building opportunities that we
      offer, is in any way a negative or poor reflection for what we stand for, then
      unfortunately there should be no reason to have involved our organization in
      this email.

      & Siegfried Lokotsch, thank you for your input & concerns for the clubs
      interest with regards to this raised issue. We also appreciate that you have
      involved the EP Surfing Chairman & Vice President of Surfing South Africa (
      Mr Johnny Bakker ) as we would hate for any negative feedback about CYOH SURF
      CLUB to come to his attention. Please accept this email as a public apologie on
      behalf of CYOH SURF CLUB for any offense or unhappiness caused by the published
      article by Millerslocal. We will also publicly announce an official apologie
      via our Facebook page to the both of you & any others that this published
      article my have upset. We are truly sorry.

      Yours in Surfing

      Cyoh Surf Club

      Create Your own Happening


      From: kerry

      To: Gustav Lokotsch

      Cc: Johnny Bakker ;
      Siegfried Lokotsch ;
      Kyle Main ;
      cyohsurf@yahoo.com; Dennis Ellis ;
      Dalen Davidson

      Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 12:43 PM

      Subject: Re: Kook season as written by CYOH


      I think
      your use of the word “eventually” may be a touch overstated 🙂 The
      article was removed the day after you contacted me.

      You are
      100% entitled to your personal opinion of CYOH, but I think they do a lot of
      good in the surf community.

      There are
      plenty of lighties who belong to the club and love the Surf Off events held.
      It’s really beneficial to have these comps, as it gives the guys an opportunity
      to up their game in comp surfing. Without them there would be hardly any comps
      to surf which would have a negative impact on how EP surfers fare in the
      interprov comps and others.

      They have
      also given back to the community in the form of blanket collections, donations
      to animal welfare, beach cleans and others, as well as being responsible for
      organising movie premieres and other events that the surf community gathers.

      I don’t
      think any of this is a bad thing?

      I know
      you guys haven’t always been on the best of terms in the past, and I dunno –
      maybe it’d help if you just actually sat down together, have a beer and clear
      the air? There is generally always an amiable solution to every problem if both
      sides are willing to make the effort.

      PE’s just too small, and life is just too short, to be at loggerheads 🙂



      On Fri,
      Sep 21, 2012 at 2:00 PM, Gustav Lokotsch


      all is well. Please have a read what the CYOH guys wrote regarding kooks and
      how it fine is to issue a beatings to learners/kooks.

      I will
      forward you the correspondence from my brother to Kerri who eventually had the
      article removed but this does not change the fact that violence had been
      threatened by these guys.

      I would
      like your opinion on the article below please.

      As far
      as I am concerned to makes comments as such is tantamount to making threats of
      beatings being issued to learner surfers should you want to come surf pipe with
      the “big” boys.

      I ask,
      should these guys be role models for our youth??? I have now had it with the
      CYOH and am no longer going to keep my mouth shut. They not a club but a gang
      that think they can dictate to others how and where to surf.

      Who do
      they think they are that they can make statements as they have done below.
      Enforcer??? Please…



      Kook season on the way

      Summer is nearly here, and with
      it the start of Kook Season. There’s nothing wrong with being a kook, we were
      all kooks once. But you gotto know your place. Back in the day you got tuned
      stukkend by the locals about keeping out the way til you knew which end of the
      board was up, and even after you’d mastered standing it would still take ages
      before you were allowed to even consider trying to work your way into the
      line-up proper.

      But the modern world is all about entitlement, both in the water and out. So ou’s
      reckon just cos they have the board, this entitles them to paddle out wherever
      they want. Um, not.

      Let’s face it, kooks are dangerous. Just ask Jaryd who’s now dealing with a
      kiff deep gash in his stick. Last week some muppet tossed his board cos he hadn’t
      quite got a grasp on this duck-diving thing yet, and it ended up pinging
      straight through Jaryd’s board. Lucky – coulda been his head. Ask Josh Mc –
      some ou rode straight into his pip at Pipe last year. Next stop Greenacres
      Hospital for repairs.

      So being tough on kooks isn’t about being a doos, its first and foremost about
      safety. Ours – so they don’t ding our boards and bodies, and theirs – so they
      don’t end up getting their ears boxed in by the locals who get gatvol of their

      ML chatted to a coupla locals about their thoughts on how to deal with the
      summer influx of kooks in the hope that we can all get along!

      bit of graff that got the whole debate raging. On a wall near Something Good.
      Issues around crowds in PE aren’t about outta towners, but rather the kooks
      that get in the way. By Luc Hosten.

      First up is King of Line-up
      Control – Casey B – who we have unfortunately exported to Aus for the time
      being. He assures us he has relegated Control Duties to a few peeps in his
      absence! So Case, what’s your take on the Kooks, and how we can all live
      happily ever-after?

      Casey – The Line-up Enforcer

      Let the Huppi get philosophical on the ou’s for a second. Low supply of good
      waves, combined with high accessibility to the beach = high demand for average
      waves. This is a problem created by the evolution of society, better technology
      and yes, advertising.

      Let me take you back in time, when surfing was not cool, not advertised and
      surfers were generally an outcast crew that would take all day missions in old
      unreliable cars down dirt roads to arrive at the beach where the water was cold
      and wetsuits hadn’t been invented yet. They would then lug a 15kg board down
      the beach and go get some waves in uncharted territory.

      Then the world began to change and kids got dropped off at the beach in X5’s
      with brand new custom boards and 3/2 full suits and every Tom Dick and Harry
      that looks good with a surfboard reckons he is legit.

      I grew up in the late 80’s early 90’s. I had to surf the Pipe for at least 2
      years before I was entitled to sit out the back and wait until one of the older
      guys gave me a set wave. Then I earned my respect and witnessed many
      disciplinary measures handed out to the overzealous.

      Things that are happening now would never happen back then. Back in the day,
      you didn’t even look at a local’s wave. If they were a level above you
      in skill, you could paddle out to the back and wait, but unless you were lucky
      and a set pulled in when no one else was in line, you wouldn’t get a wave.

      Then the Muppet brigade started acting like they owned the jol. That was when I
      realised, I am no longer a grom, and that all the authorities that had kept the
      order through the ages where gone and that someone had to sit up and say what
      everyone else who had put their time in over the years were thinking.

      So yes I am that dick, I have screamed, shouted, issued beatings, sent ou’s to
      the beach, thrown em down in the shorey, and then later accepted apologies and
      let it go. The thing is, you have to ask the ou’s who put their time in over
      the years if it’s necessary to have a dick like me in the water that will
      impart fear into the hearts of the ignorant. Cos the kooks will obviously
      prefer to run amuck and just create a cesspool of chaos because they don’t know
      better and they been getting away with it so far.

      Here is the gist of it: respect the ou’s who came before you, Carpark John was
      surfing when your parents were kids!!! Don’t paddle for waves that others have
      waited for longer. If you’re a surfer who can barely get up and ride the face,
      don’t go sit out back and with the ou’s busting airs on the first section.
      Paddle to the back and wait your turn when you feel it’s time for you to show
      the ou’s who can surf that you can hold your own in the waves with them.
      It is every surfer’s right to catch waves, but it is the responsibility of the
      experienced to control the dynamic of how the line-up is regulated.

      If you think this in unfair now, just wait – the wheel will turn and one day
      you too will realise that it is very necessary when you are the ones with the
      experience and the responsibility of controlling the future youth who will no
      doubt be even more disrespectful and clueless than you are now.

      enforcer Casey B – you wouldn’t mess with this ou either!

      Jaryd – The
      recent victim

      I guess we’re all looking forward to warm summer days down at Pipe. Warm water,
      boardie surfs and hopefully some banging onshore bowls! But with summer comes a
      major influx of new surfers and holiday makers. Most of whom do not know how to
      handle themselves or a surfboard while surfing. I think it’s always hard to
      maintain sanity in lineups over the summer period. Let’s be honest nobody likes
      surfing when its super crowded, 1ft and onshore…BUT we do live in PE and
      there will be that one day when it’s sunny, 30c, no wind and 1ft down at pipe
      with like 35 of our “best mates” in the entire world in the water! Temperatures
      will run high and there will definitely be some tricky situations! I think it
      is pretty important that we handle these situations well so they don’t happen again,
      and so that everyone can enjoy this summer.

      So, how to deal with kooks? I don’t think there is a set way of how to deal
      with it. Tempers will rage and people’s personalities will determine how
      various situations are dealt with. I think the best thing to try get
      across is that kooks need to know what they are doing wrong and need to be
      corrected. They also need to learn to respect the guys who surf all year long.

      The guy who wrecked my board last week had zero respect and was a general
      hazard, which is why I was so angry with him. I asked him to please not surf in
      the main line-up because he was in the way. He then tuned me and said he won’t
      move and that I have a problem with him! He also shot his board at Dylan Theron
      and hit him in the leg and chest and also had a close call with Simon Paton.
      Guys like this need to be put in their place because clearly they have no clue
      out there and have no desire to learn some manners in the water.

      victim – Jaryd’s board – complete with new designer Kook Ding.

      Brad – long-time
      Pipe local & ASP Judge

      Everyone wants to surf at least once in their lives, which is awesome. Kooks on
      the other hand are a little different. I have found that there are
      summer-surfers, wanna-be surfers and just general learn-to-surf, surfers. If
      someone is taught the rules and knows what is going on, they’ll be fine in the
      water. But then you get these people who think they can surf and try
      compete with the lineup. I don’t feel much for these guys, because they should
      be taught a lesson. Learn to surf before thinking you can prove something!
      Bottom line, know whatsup before you get into kak!!

      Mc’s pip after some kook moered into him at Pipe last year.

      Jakes – CYOH
      head honcho

      We all started out as a kooks, before we knew what surfing really was &
      just how much a part of our lives it would really be, where it would take us
      & all the friends & lessons we would learn along the way from it.
      Obviously that’s the real difference between the real surfers &
      recreational misguided wanna-be kooks.


      Obviously the first thing you need to know before you want to start surfing, is
      that your presence in the water needs to start out at a beach where you are not
      going to get in the way of the locals & real surfers that have been surfing
      there forever. You need to earn your place in the lineup & that takes years
      of effort, many ou’s dropping in on you & gaining respect. Respect that
      will eventually come to you when you start surfing with the skill &
      knowledge gained from many years of commitment.


      If you haven’t learnt this lesson by now from your parents, you unfortunately
      are not going to have an easy road growing up in life or in your newly found
      surfing hobby. Of course respect is a mutual thing, but unless you can
      appreciate & grasp the idea that anybody older than you deserves the credit
      that you unfortunately have not yet earned, you going to find yourself in a lot
      of trouble. Obviously this rule does not apply to you if you are an old kook
      & clearly don’t have any ideas of the rules & surf etiquette in the


      Just because you paddle out to the back of the lineup past everybody doesn’t
      mean that the next wave that appears is yours. Clearly other people have been
      waiting before you – so don’t be a stupid naaier, wait your turn & get in
      the queue.


      Obviously with starting out in any new sport, you are going to make many
      “mistakes” & there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s how we all
      learn & progress. So the next time you make a “mistake” (even if
      you don’t think you are in the wrong) and you get served with a serious tongue
      lashing – shut up and don’t answer back. Apologise, take it like a man and
      don’t do it again. When I was growing up, we used to get some serious beat
      downs when we stepped out of line. Trust me, if you decide to think you’re a
      cool cat & wanna upset & talk back to an older real surfer, you are
      going to get beaten. PS – your parents aren’t there to save you, so save
      yourself the embarrassment in front of everybody in the water and zip your lip.


      Whatever your reason for wanting to learn to surf, make sure that your reason
      is because you want to surf; not because chicks dig surfers or that you think
      sitting on the beach with a surfboard looks cool. Learn to surf because of the
      way it makes you feel & the fun you have doing it. If you always surf for
      yourself & for your love of surfing, you will progress a lot faster &
      in turn be a better surfer… and hopefully one day become a REAL surfer.

      you’re paddling out and an ou is coming towards you on a wave, ALWAYS try
      paddle BEHIND them and for the white-water. DON’T aim for the shoulder unless
      you know you’ll get out their way with loads of room to spare. You stuff up
      someone’s wave by getting in the way. They will bliksem you.

      Bruce – NMMU
      surf team manager

      PE has got to be one of the worst spots with kooks, out of all other places I
      surf. When I was younger I would never go surf where there were lots of others
      surfers, especially good surfers, for the fear of getting in their way and then
      they would moer me. So I used to go and surf perhaps not as good waves, but at
      least I was surfing with less people and getting heaps more waves – which in
      essence helped me a lot! Because catching more waves helped me work through my
      faults far more quickly than if I was surfing at a spot where there were so
      many other surfers (and good surfers as well) that I would maybe get one wave
      in 20 minutes.

      My definition of kooks are those ou’s that are learning how to surf, which is
      awesome, and I have nothing against them enjoying our amazing hobby. But they
      insist on coming to surf where the waves are the best, such as Pipe. Mostly
      because it is so consistent for waves and they see lank people surfing there, but
      this happens all over PE as well. The kooks wanna come out and get in our way
      not because they do it on purpose, they just dont know any better.

      They should just go surf somewhere else such as Denvils (in front of
      McDonalds). It is a soft wave and easy for them to learn on and there is
      guaranteed to be few people in the water. This would allow them to ovoid being
      getting hurled with abuse time and time again, by not just myself, but other
      surfers in the line-up as well.

      They get in the way, and if it happens more than once we’ll snap at them and
      tune them, then their surf is ruined because they’ll be scared to get in anyone
      elses way! They have also ruined our surf because we have had to come out of
      our calm state of mind into being a dick towards them. And I say again, this
      all could of been avoided if they go surf somewhere more quiet and learn to
      stand and at least paddle first before they come and surf at a spot where there
      are plenty of other surfers.

      I don’t know how we can resolve this without being rude to the kooks and having
      to tell them off (or worse if they mess with the wrong person on the wrong
      day!) There could well have to be some violence involved to get them to catch a
      wake up and go find their own quiet spot.

      In summary

      To the kooks – go surf in
      beginner friendly spots like those in the image below – You’ll
      have perfect waves to learn on, and won’t get in anyone’s way! Only
      once you can ride the green face, have good control of your board, and can
      duck-dive – then venture out at the real spots – and even then stay out the way
      of the better surfers – until you’re better yourself 🙂 Don’t under any
      circumstances paddle out at Humewood, the Pier or Avo’s on a good day. The boys
      will send you to the beach.

      To the locals – a kooks naai’d you: take a deep breathe, count to 10. Slowly
      and calmly explain what rules they’ve broken and why you are politely
      giving them this lecture. They don’t know any better unless you tell them, and
      they might be a bit more receptive if you ain’t kakking on them from a dizzy
      height. Everyone gets one chance. BUT….they make the same mistake again – by
      all means, lose the politeness! It’s up to the established locals to keep
      some sort of order at their spots so we don;t end up with a summer circus.

      Good spots to learn

      From: Johnny
      Bakker [mailto:johnny@bakkerandbakker.com]

      Sent: 23 January 2012 05:05 PM

      To: Gustav Lokotsch

      Subject: Thanks


      for meeting with me this afternoon.

      I will
      contact you tomorrow and hopefully resolve the matter.






      (+27) 82 372 6684

      Fax to
      Mail: (+27) 86 675 8820


      PO Box 13851




    • Gustav
      29 October, 2015 at 12:07 pm · Reply

      One thing for sure, Im about principle and not about popularity….. I dont care if i stand alone, i will fight for what i believe in…..

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