1 April, 2016 1 April, 2016

The Shepherd, The Pirate & the Time Travelers

“This story is about our journey to the land of the rolling wet-hills. Patrick Burnett is a pirate because he shapes wooden surfboards and Yuria Muller is a shepherd who lives on land that his family has owned for 10 generations. Dougal Paterson and Emi Erickson are the time travelers. She crossed oceans to ride Africa’s tallest waters and he sojourns through distant lands as a storyteller. Surfers James Lowe, Mike Schlebach and Jason Hayes are also featured. My hope is that this story inspires people to be brave and to invest in the dreams of others, as well as their own. Thanks for watching.” – Dougal Paterson, Director.

DOP – Sacha Specker
Additional footage by: Daniel Grebe, Dave Richards, Guy Mac and Josh “Tiger” Rowe
Edited by: Rash Ferguson & Brett Shaw
Song licensed by Jon Foreman of Switchfoot

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