25 November, 2012 25 November, 2012

The Kom Skom Showdown

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The 2012 Annual Kommetjie Festival kicked off to a hilarious start despite cold and windy conditions down at Longbeach with the much anticipated ‘Surf Showdown” hosted by Kommetjie Surf Shop owner Roddy Torr and a dedicated host of well known and respected surf figures as judges such as Chris Bertish, Deon Bing, Tich Paul, Duncan Duffet, Isaac February and Bruce Anderson. But it was no regular surf competition and the only prerequisite was that everyone had fun. Local Kommetjie residents and surfers from around Cape Town had come to outdo each other in weird and wonderful craft wearing the most ridiculous outfits they could find to claim the five prestigious awards. Best Dressed while surfing on a wave went to Duncan Bailey for his vivid portrayal of Kelpman. Most Entertaining Wave Ridden went to non other than Michael Grendon for the second year running for his amazing left ridden all the way to Crons while pushing a trolley. Most Outrageous Original Craft Ridden was won by big wave charger Jason Hayes for his snake, complete with five surfboards strapped together and a giant snake head strapped to his board. Most Radical Move went to the scarily dressed James Elsworth for his Borat surf impersonation. And last but not least was the Best Effort award which could only have gone to Jacob Zuma. That’s right. Although Dustin Wilson definitely got more than he bargained for when he donned the head of our illustrious leader and spent the better half of the 45 minute heat getting smashed in the face by the lip of the Crons shorebreak. He is lucky he didn’t lose his real head.

A huge thank you to the organisers of both the Surf Showdown and the Kommetjie Festival in general for an amazing day of fun-filled activities and good solid times. Photographs by Alan van Gysen

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  1. Old Reef Rat
    26 November, 2012 at 1:57 pm · Reply

    Roddy, LEGEND !. You have created something special that will soon rival the Mardi Gra in Rio. Imaging a world tour of these crazies.

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