8 September, 2015 8 September, 2015

Talking Guns – Andy Marr on his 10’2″ Dave van Ginkel

When Kommetjie charger Andy Marr rode a massive barrel at Dungeons in August, he put himself in contention for the Striped Horse Challenge title.
We spoke to Andy about ‘Old Bertha’ – the 10’2″ Dave van Ginkel-shaped big wave gun he uses to paddle into and ride monster barrels like that:

Andy and his 10’2″ Dave van Ginkel at home in Kommetjie.

The Striped Horse Challenge in association with RVCA, Twig Surfboards and Hurricane is a big wave surfing competition with a huge prize up for grabs; including a return ticket to Hawaii, R20 000 cash, two Twig Surfboards and travel accessories from Hurricane.

Here is what Andy had to say about his “bulky girl”:

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