6 January, 2014 6 January, 2014

Surprise! It’s Dungeons Calling…

An unexpected swell over the weekend saw James Taylor, Bas Koopman and Kevin Langeree start their year with some adrenaline at Dungeons.

James Taylor takes up the story below.

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The swell came out of nowhere. Windguru was predicting 3m at 14 seconds with strong westerlies, so I kind of wrote off the day to do some work around the house. Around lunchtime I saw a massive set come rolling through at Melkbosstrand and checked Wavenet, which was also reading 3m at 14 seconds. When the next set bombed through I started packing the boards and gave Steve Benjamin from Animal Ocean a call to find out if there were some waves at Dunnies. He confirmed that the swell was pulsing and that there were some waves.

As Bas Koopman, Kevin Langeree and myself headed out with Steve on his boat, we were thinking that it would be in the 12ft range, but as we rounded the corner it was a whole other story – with some solid 15 footers barrelling top to bottom. While we were out the wind backed off and the swell, according to Wavenet, pulsed at 4.5m at 18 seconds.

Not bad for a first time paddling Dungeons for Bas and Kevin. Sometimes you just got to listen to your gut and go!

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