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Steven Sawyer wins 2016 JBU Supertrial


Jeffrey’s Bay local Steven Sawyer surfed his way from round one to claim victory in an intense final with pumping surf.

And that’s a wrap up for a very successful 2016 JBU Supertrial presented by RVCA at Supertubes, the best right hand point break in the world. The surfing was red hot in flawless waves as corduroy lines marched into Jeffrey’s Bay throughout the day.

A field of 24 invited surfers gave Supertubes their all, surfing 30 minute heats, trading set waves through out the day, dishing out stoke to the frothing crowd of spectators.

Jeffrey’s Bay local Steven Sawyer surfed his way through the earlier rounds to claim victory, the wildcard into the J-Bay Open and the title of 2016 JBU Supertrial champion in an intense final with pumping Supertubes surf.

“Im actually speechless. I’ve never been so happy to win and event and I’d like to thank my parents and everyone involved for a great contest,” said Steven. “I’ve been wanting to compete in the J-Bay Open for years and July is my birth month, I’d really love to win the event on my birthday.”

Well done to Steven, and we’ll see you at the 2016 WSL J-Bay Open.

All images ©Alan van Gysen

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Highlights from an epic day of surfing at the 2016 JBU Supertrial where Supertubes delivered corduroy perfection throughout the competition. Video By: Dane Staples


Steven Sawyer Earns Wildcard Slot Into The JBay Open Championship Tour Surfing Tournament

Winner’s podium ©Van Gysen

Supertubes, JBay – Steven Sawyer from Jeffreys Bay is the 2016 JBU Supertrial presented by RVCA winner, and claims his wildcard slot into the World Surf League’s JBay Open Championship Tour event.

The surf pumped throughout the day, and the 24 invited surfers were blessed with consistent four to six-foot and perfect Supers waves all day. There were long tube rides, and some powerful rail surfing from the best surfers in the country, but it was the local surfer who emerged victorious in the end.

Sawyer, the only goofy-footer in the final, was trailing in second place behind Dale Staples, when he picked up a long wave near the end of the heat. Performing some big turns on the open face, and getting a tube-ride, he secured the score that he needed to win.

Steven Sawyer backhand barrel ©Van Gysen

“I had no idea that I had won,” said an elated Sawyer on the beach immediately after the final. “I didn’t think I had the lead, but I am so stoked. I have wanted to surf in the JBay Open since I was a little kid and now I get my chance.”

Sawyer, who had a slow start in the final, admitted that he didn’t win the final with his best performance. “Well, I didn’t win by posting nines,” said Sawyer, “I didn’t do that much out there, but did enough to win. I have never been so happy to win an event.”

Dale Staples was in the lead for much of the final, but couldn’t hold at the end, succumbing to Sawyer’s late charge, and ended in second place. The 2014 JBU Supertrial winner Dylan Lightfoot was in third place, and Sean Holmes was in fourth.

Holmes, one of the most successful wildcards at JBay suffered a big wipeout in the beginning of the final that rattled him a little. Holmes went for broke on a big set wave, and came unstuck at the top, falling through the air and barely missing his board. “I really got thrashed out there,” said Holmes afterwards. “My vest got pulled right off me, and I was totally winded.”

Dale Staples a close second place ©Van Gysen

Sawyer, a local at Supertubes who has been surfing there all his life, wins the coveted wildcard to the JBay Open Championship Tour event to be held at JBay from the 6 -17 July. The JBay Open is stop number 6 on the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour.

Round 1
Heat 1: 1st Greg Emslie, 2nd Dan Redman, 3rd Jordy Maree, 4th Dylan Stone.
Heat 2: 1st Remi Peterson, 2nd Stever Sawyer, 3rd. Joshe Faulkner, 4. Calvin Goor.
Heat 3: 1st Matt Bromley, 2nd Simon Fish, 3rd Ricky Basnett, 4th Warren Dean.
Heat 4: 1st Dave Van Zyl, 2nd Sean Holmes, 3rd Brandon Jackson, 4th Sebastian Williams.


Heat 1: 1st Steven Sawyer, 2nd Slade Prestwich, 3rd Greg Emslie, 4th Beyrick de Vries.
Heat 2: 1st Dale Staples, 2nd Ryan Payne, 3rd Dan Redman, 4th Remi Peterson.
Heat 3: 1st Sean Holmes, 2nd Dylan Lightfoot, 3rd Matt Bromley, 4th Shaun Payne.
Heat 4: 1st Dave van Zyl , 2nd Matt McGillivray , 3rd Simon Fish , 4th Mikey February.

Heat 1: 1st Dale Staples, 2nd Steven Sawyer, 3rd Ryan Payne, 4th Slade Prestwich.
Heat 2: 1st Sean Holmes, 2nd Dylan Lightfoot, 3rd Matt McGillivray, 4th Dave van Zyl.

1st Steven Sawyer, 2nd Dale Staples, 3rd Dylan Lightfoot, 4th Sean Holmes

Best individual wave of the day: Dave van Zyl
Barrel of the day: Remi Peterson
Carve of the day: Sean Holmes
Bum award: Calvin Goor

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