29 October, 2015 29 October, 2015

So What Happened? (Durban 2007)

“I shot this pic in 2007 at the Quiksilver Goodwave event at the time when Durban still held major surfing competitions,” explained Patrick Flanagan, long-time Durban photographer and co-founder of South African Surfing Legends. “Since 1969 until a few years ago, our city was the venue for big international contests. A prime location for major scaffolding for every good reason you can think of. It still is. So what happened?”

It’s a good question, but all Zag could think of is just how much this wave looks like Nias – minus the palm tree background.


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  1. gary
    30 October, 2015 at 10:22 am · Reply

    firstly… lets change the name…to..The Quicksilver Goodwave:South Pier…
    that should separate the boys from the men and we would be guaranteed of a contest running…EVERY YEAR….
    secondly…Durban is a filthy sif pit,how it manages to hold anything here,is achieved only under false pretenses…
    You only have to read reviews after any event,be it travel,corporate or sport…
    Cosidering the beachfront becomes abondoned after dark by any normal beachgoer,..I rest my case…

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