26 June, 2013 26 June, 2013

Slow Dance with Craig Anderson

PE-born Craig Anderson boasts a style that’s created a lot of hype. So much so, that one of the most-hyped surfers on the planet thought it would be rad to make a movie about him.

Dane Reynolds’ Marine Layer Productions have just released the teaser to their Craig Anderson movie called “Slow Dance”, which focuses on the style-master stylishly styling his way across some stylish walls.

Now if that’s not enough hype, you can just give it a watch and decide for yourself.

PS: Look out for the shot that appeared on the cover of our 2012 Photo Annual.
Also, of course Zag thinks the hype is fully deserved – how could we not get excited for the full release after watching that?

Check out the film’s official web page for details of it’s full release.

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