6 September, 2016 6 September, 2016

Sharp Shooter – Olivia Anderson

Cape Town based underwater and surf photographer, Olivia Anderson, took her first breath underwater in 2012. It was during her advanced diver’s course that she began photographing from the depths of the ocean and since 2013, she’s pretty much become part mermaid. With her incredible skill above and below the water, it’s difficult to believe that Olivia got into surf photography just six months ago – almost by accident.

Since the beginning of this year, Olivia has started emerging from the stillness of the deep blue to photograph great South African surf action up top. Her beautifully surreal and distinct photographic style has been splashing the pages of Zigzag, Shotbru, and flowing through surf-world social media like Benguela currents. From underwater wrecks in Egypt, to muck diving in the Knysna Lagoon, to some of the best barrel shots of South African up-and-comers – Olivia has an amphibious love for the ocean at every angle.

More about our latest Sharp Shooter, Olivia Anderson below:

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*Check out the Olivia Anderson Photography page HERE. Follow her on Instagram @olivia_anderson_photography

**All Images © Olivia Anderson (unless otherwise indicated)

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