3 March, 2015 3 March, 2015

Sean Holmes


I would be super stoked to be considered as a candidate for the JBU Super Trial. I’m fit, surfing well, and ready to lay down some ruler-edge carves.

Below is some old event footage produced by 4-Way Fin System, plus a little motivation from Surfline.

[BMo_scrollGallery id=364]

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  1. Holmesy "The Slayer"
    13 April, 2015 at 8:23 am · Reply

    Holmesy …..pull in bra and mess with the heads of those WSL okes..love seeing that….you get my vote china.

    Jbay can you feel it ??? Mental bubble froths at 4-8 ft….puuuuuurfect lines rolling in…..brings out the inner grom.

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