4 November, 2013 4 November, 2013

Remember September / Boland

“Brrrrrrrrrrrr. It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. Better get up in the morning. Twiggy Baker, Matt Bromley, James Lowe and others shine, as the Boland boss delivers over a wet winters weekend.”

That’s Shot Bru contributor, David van Rensberg, describing this rad clip that he crafted – soundtrack and all.

It features a couple of wild September Sessions at one of the Boland’s scariest reefs, and it really gives a taste of how committed the Cape big wave crew are.

They take their licks (see 0:49 – ouchie), swim with the fish, and they don’t let a bit of weather get in the way of the potential ride of their life.

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