2 March, 2015 2 March, 2015

Lunga Kibi


Greetings to all the Judges,

My name is Lunga Kibi, I am 15 years old. I was born in the Eastern Cape, and when I was 12 years I then moved to Cape Town to a township called Masiphumelele. I am currently doing grade 10 at Masiphumelele High school. I live with my older sister and my little brother and sister.

I fell in love with surfing in 2013 when my friend introduced me to an organisation called Waves for Change: a programme that helps children who come from a disadvantaged background, and also teaches them more about HIV through surfing.

I joined Waves for Change because I needed something to keep me busy after school, and not end up being a gangster or end up smoking and quit school. A few weeks after I joined, I fell in love with surfing and I have been surfing since.

My love for surfing has led me into deciding to become a pro surfer one day and live my dream. The reason why I sent this mail is to try and convince you guys into selecting me to be one of the 24 surfers that will be surfing against the world’s best surfers.

I hope and pray to be one of the surfers that you guys are going to select, so that I can live my dream.

Kind Regards
Lunga Kibi

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