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Llandudno Boardriders Expression Session

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The first event for the Hurley Llandudno Boardriders for 2013 went down in great style this past weekend. With their biggest turnout yet, and prizes for everyone who took part (and even some for spectators), everyone is looking forward to the next one.

All photos by: Ian Thurtell

Check out the report below by Liam Wood


Everyone was a winner at this past weekend’s Hurley Llandudno Boardriders. With over 85 surfers of all ages attending the first event of the year, and hundreds of spectators at the amphitheatre of the Llandudno Lifesaving Club.

Near perfect conditions greeted the surfers and spectators in the morning, with 4-5 ft waves rolling into the Gat lineup. Every surfer received massive freebies on their arrival with the likes of wax, magazines, DVD’s, and all got to surf two Expression Session heats to prove their skills with over 80 categories of prizes to be won.
SA Team riders Steff Burrows and Jordy Maree were invited to surf with the Llandudno Boardriders, and surfers and spectators offered their support by buying Hurley raffle tickets, which were on sale to get them to Nicagarua to surf in the ISA World Junior Games in June.

As the day went on, babes, barrels, beer, braai meat, and big prizes were on the menu. Some great barrel riding was witnessed from the bodyboarders, and the ladies were charging throughout the day. Some unreal chirps were also flowing from the commentator’s booth as Capt Kai had everyone entertained while Ilan Sheer had everyone on the edge of their seats and watching the surfing action.

Paul Daniels was seen doing some crazy rotations, Richard Johnson got an unreal dredging barrel, the goofyfooted Cassey Severson was doing some forehand airs on the lefts, while Jasper Eales was busting out. Ike Forsyth was doing his usual single fin-styled turns and there was epic surfing from the likes of Jacque Smit, Chad Schwab, Neil Zietsman, Josh Brodie, Ryan Lee, Volker Mielk, Justin Healy, Tristan Gardener, Jordan Alexander, Ethan Fletcher, Jake Elkington, Luke Slijpen and many more.

But the highlight of the day was the super groms. Most of them surfing Llandudno for the first time, let alone their first surfing contest. All of these amped groms are moving up the ranks from starting their surfing at Hout Bay Boardriders and moving into the big leagues of the Llandudno Boardriders. Little Hope Nkomo was the most stoked grom, Kierran Muller got the longest ride, Jett charged the big white water walls and Tom Hofmeyer made it out to the backline and got the wave of his life!

As the sun settled, all the surfers and spectators were treated to unreal prizes from our generous sponsors with every single surfer that participated getting a prize and loads of freebies thrown into the crowds.
One of the most epic days ever witnessed at Llandudno Beach.

Best Air: Paul Daniel
Power Surfer: Josh Brodie
Best Cutback: Adam Voigt
Best Barrel: Richard Johnson
Best Master: Volker Mielk
Best Super Grom Turn: Tom Hofmeyer
Best Junior Turn: Luke Slijpen
Best Cockroach: Chad Swab
Best Combo: Neil Zietsman
Best 360 Combo: Jared Barbe
Best Style: Ike Forsyth
Best Gouge: Justin Healy
Best Backhand: Cassey Severson
Dedicated Surfer: Ilan sheer
Sportsmanship: Hope Nkomo
Best Carve: Mike Snyman
Dropping the Wallet: Jasper Eales
Best Turn (Women’s): Julia wood
Best Tailslide: Ethan Fletcher
Best wave (Women’s): Jenne Barbe
Ladies Lady: Kirsten Boswell
Committed Junior: Jett Steward & Mike Snyman & Greg Torrington
Best Turn: Jake Elkington
Oldest Ripper: John Slijpen
Oldest Power: Justin Healey
Best Claim: Kierran Muller, Steven Michelson
Best Switch Foot: Jacque Smit

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