14 September, 2014 14 September, 2014

Josh Redman – Namibia

Does Josh brave his way past the blue guillotine threatening to cut his trip short, or does Skeleton Bay chew up and spit out the bones of another victim?
We asked photographer, Alan Van Gysen, who captured the whole crazy ride.

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  1. Michael Mac Donald
    15 September, 2014 at 7:44 am · Reply

    First off, I’d just like to say to Josh that I’m SO damn sorry my board got in your way, simultaneously making this a really dangerous situation and going on to ruin an epic sequence!

    Josh is a personal hero of mine and many other Zag readers I’m sure, so all I can say for certain is that I’m so relieved he wasn’t injured and I am sincerely sorry.

    I’d like to like to clarify that Skeleton is so deceivingly heavy that on numerous occasions, when duck diving some of the sizier sets, even when I was insanely wide of the barrel, I would get pulled back and nearly get thrown over the falls. It really is that powerful. I’m sure many can testify to this, especially the day before.

    On this particular occasion, watching this wave jack up in front of me, I didn’t see myself getting through the face or over the wave. Looking back at the sequence, at frame 8, I think that it’s possible for someone to imagine the possibility of me getting thrown over the falls along with my board, right at Josh. I’m really not sure if I could have duck-dived through that face, despite how simple it may appear.

    I wish I had found a better solution at the time, first prize obviously being duck-diving, or something like paddling into the shallows and taking it on the head or anything else. But I didn’t, I acted quickly and thinking that I couldn’t get through it, I took the next best option.

    I’m stoked that Josh is okay and look forward to running into him so I can say sorry again and hopefully make it up to him!

  2. Zag
    15 September, 2014 at 10:08 am · Reply

    Thanks for clarifying Michael. These things do happen and we’re stoked everyone is okay.

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