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Josh Redman – Double Whammy at Jaws

On Thursday 22 January, Josh Redman scored two of the most intense tube rides of his life at Jaws, Maui. It was the Durban charger’s first time surfing the infamous big-wave spot and he impressed everyone with his spectacular, critical tube-riding. Check out the two clips below:

Josh had this to say: “This day was so epic in every sense, and so surreal for me. To finally be surfing Jaws after dreaming about it for so long and to surf it with the crew that was out there. It was so good to have some Saffa representation out there. It was super slow in the morning and pretty hard to get waves in the crowd, but as thew morning went on the crowd thinned out and I was able to position myself on the inside bowl a little more freely and ended up lucking into three pits. I was smiling from ear to ear all day and was on such a high. Jaws is such a perfect big wave but at the same time so ridiculously heavy and scary. I want to see some more. – Josh Redman

Adding to the Saffa representation out at Pe’ahi was James Taylor, who also caught some incredible rides:

“My first day at Jaws. What an incredible wave! It started off slow and windy but there was a window at the end of the day that delivered the biggest most perfect barrels I have ever seen. The wind kept me in the lip on my last wave and I got sucked over the falls, tweaked my hamstring pretty badly and broke my board.” – James Taylor

Matt “Bromdog” Bromley was also out there looking for some huge tubes, but ran into a freak set which unfortunately ended his session:

“I got caught by the biggest wave I’ve ever seen and my leash snapped while the board got mangled on the rocks. Wasn’t able to get anything on this beastly session but it was absolutely mind-blowing watching waves looking like 30ft Backdoor freight-training down the reef.” – Matt Bromley

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