22 April, 2014 22 April, 2014

Inside Out (at P-Pass)

P-Pass is like Teahupoo’s longer, uglier, right-breaking sister, and the Smith brothers saw a crazy weather system approaching and set up a date.

Check out the view from inside and out as Koa and Alex (as well as friend Sam Martin) charge Micronesia’s craziest wave.


See more from Koa and Alex on lastnamefirst.tv

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  1. Kak en Betaal
    23 April, 2014 at 12:25 pm · Reply

    Their pal almost drowned -leash caught on a coral head ….half a second away from Mr Grim Reaper. Consequences.

    Should rename the thing to something more like “Kak en betaal”….compared to P-Pass.

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