8 October, 2012 8 October, 2012

Exclusive Pics – Whale Carcass Washes Up In False Bay

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Yesterday evening at around 6:00pm the carcass of a Southern Right Whale, approximately 13 meters in length, was spotted drifting off the backline at Capricorn Beach near Muizenberg.

The beaches between Muizenberg and Maccassar were quickly closed due to the threat of increased shark activity in the area and will be re-opened once the officials have deemed it safe to do so.

The carcass eventually washed up on the beach and has been removed (it will be taken to Vissershok landfill site where it will be disposed of), but not before some good size sharks had a go at the carcass – the bite marks clearly visible in these images by Brandon Kilbride.

Brandon reported the following on the carcass and its removal:

“It (the carcass) apparently beached yesterday at 6:00pm, approximately 3km away from Surfers Corner at a beach called Capricorn. It’s a Southern Right Whale of 13.4m in length and probably weighed anywhere between 30-50 tons.”

“Speaking to the officials on the beach there was a rope mark and a sharp cut on the top side of the whale, so it could have been caught up in netting of some sort but no one is confirming this as the cause of death.”

“The DEA (Department of Environmental Affairs) were there taking samples so I’m sure the outcome will be determined via this.”

“Yesterday evening a shark was seen in waist deep water still feeding on the carcass right in the surf line.”

“Beaches between Muizenberg and Maccassar have been closed until further notice and The Red flag is being flown along most False Bay beaches.”

“Caution is to be taken over the next few days as there will definitely be an increase in white shark movements in the area. Today Muizenberg already had two shark alarms go off, with animals in close proximity to the surfing area.”

“As one can see in the pictures the sharks had a good go at it, the tail was almost completely taken off and the bites are of great size. Hard to say the size of the sharks that had fed on the carcass, but anything between 2m all the way up to 5m would have had a go and gorged themselves. There was still a large amount of blood coming off the whale in the water and big slick could be seen while the whale was being removed.”

Read the initial report on News 24 here>>

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