3 March, 2015 3 March, 2015

Ethan Fletcher


I just got back from Vic Bay. It was a bit bumpy and messy, but I was able to get some footage and I am certain my video will do justice to my entry.

As you might have seen in Surfline’s Show Up, Blow Up feature, I love getting stuck into big barrels. I won the Under 15 division with a 10-point ride in some of the biggest surf ever for SA Junior Champs at J-Bay at 13 years-old. I am very happy to share the video of how I shred in the BIG stuff. I have been surfing Supertubes and getting barrelled out there since I was 7 years-old, with Ryan Payne pushing me into 5-foot slabs.

I have grown about a foot over the last year and have put on a bit of weight from training, which is helping my rail game and I’m now able to really put down solid carves and combos.

Thanks so much for this opportunity.

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  1. jason van't hull
    10 April, 2015 at 9:08 am · Reply

    I met Ethan at vic bay this weekend when this footage was taken, man this oke rips, has a good attitude and mindset.
    Also got nice photos of this day, also got a sequence of him doing an insane frontside air 360°, good luck bru

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