3 July, 2013 3 July, 2013

Duck Surfari – with Dale Staples

Dale ‘Ducky’ Staples has been logging the footage both back home and abroad during his quest to make it on to the Dream Tour.

Along the way he’s beaten John John Florence in cooking J-Bay and made the quarters at the Volcom Pipe Pro in Hawaii earlier this year. To double-up on those achievements Ducky’s also scored the Zag cover (twice) and got pitted from here to Namibia while back home.

Here’s an edit titled ‘Duck Surfari’ featuring those moments, plus more.

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  1. Ducky Fan
    4 July, 2013 at 6:40 am · Reply

    The Jacko story in the latest Zag comes to mind when watching this.

    I remember a 11yr old ducky boosting and landing a 5ft air above me while “duck” diving at Point .

    At that time I thought “This kid is gonna crack the tour for sure”…….same as Matty M.

    The kids nowadays have to bend spoons to crack the tour when living from SA.

    Eastern Cape talent pool…. is there…. that is for sure …..but the financial backing and intensity -like the brazzo’s is missing.

    The brazzo’s have no choice -surf to live or go back to the flea bag flavelas-dog eat dog intensity.

    Come on okes pull in the results and SMASH the tour !!!!!

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