20 January, 2013 20 January, 2013

Dinosaur Junior

Videographer David van Rensburg made a recent pilgrimage to that left up the coast, the one that has made so many headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past week. Yes, E-Bay can get crowded, aggro and windy as hell, but good lefts are hard to come by, so, despite all this surfers still make the trek every time the elements align.

Just like it did for David and surf ninja Chris Molde, and the rest of the gathered tribe who scored in this clip titled ‘Dinosaur Junior’.

Check out more of David’s clips here>>

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  1. Alex Molde
    23 January, 2013 at 11:49 am · Reply

    Nice once Chris! Looks like I missed a GOOD swell 🙂

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