8 August, 2016 8 August, 2016

Clock Strikes Sunset

The El Nino was a big wave churning machine in the Northern Hemisphere this year. Since the hype, it has left us living on the Southern shores waiting for our chance with the beast. But be it global warming or an underground anti-El Nino rebellion – this winter has seen very little swell.

This weekend, just when we thought all waves were lost, Cape Town finally began to brew. Although big wave connoisseurs might dub the conditions as ‘tame’, many chargers dusted off their guns and booties and head out into some majestic four metre faces.

This little pulse in the action leaves us with some hope of a late winter bang before the summer slush. With the Striped Horse Challenge presented by RVCA and Hurricane Surf in mind, we’ll be keeping our eyes on the charts and the adrenaline in our veins. In the meantime, Steve Benjamin (Animal Ocean) shot some of the action that went down. Check it out!

Enter your epic sessions to the Striped Horse Challenge presented by RVCA and Hurricane Surf HERE and score big time.

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