3 July, 2015 3 July, 2015

Ballito Free Sessions

With some of SA’s best rippers as well as plenty of international names packed into Ballito for the 2015 Ballito Pro this week, there’s been some epic free surfing going down alongside the contest. There’s also still a wildcard entry up for grabs for the Monster Energy Expression Session, which takes place this weekend with R20 000 at stake… so get shredding!

Filmed and Edited by Calvin Thompson. Music by Sean Koch.

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  1. SAVage
    3 July, 2015 at 9:07 am · Reply

    Should it not read “… with some of South Africa’s biggest chokers!”… another Ballito Pro gone another choke… South African surfers are so far behind the pack it’s a wonder they even have a QS anymore…

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