4 December, 2015 4 December, 2015

Artist’s Corner – Julian Mazery

Many have compared surfing to painting on a canvas, so perhaps there’s a reason a lot of artists surf (or so many surfers are artists). Julian Mazery is a talented artist and surfer from Durban, who used to be Zag’s designer a few years back. We often wondered what it was exactly that he was randomly scribbling on the scraps of paper lying around his desk. As it turns out his scribbles were works in progress, and the finished pieces look great:

[BMo_scrollGallery id=502]

To see more of Julian’s work check out julianmazery.com or get in contact on julian@sunshinestudio.co.za. Find him on Instagram: @julianmazery


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  1. Squijibo
    4 December, 2015 at 12:11 pm · Reply

    Nice one Creepy Designer.

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