3 March, 2015 3 March, 2015

Andrew Lange


Hey guys, I am headed home for the Winter after nine months in Europe. J-Bay has and always will be one of the best and most beautiful waves I have ever ridden. I rode Supers for the first time when I was twelve and have nurtured a strong relationship with the bay and its people…

I am writing this on a phone from a hotel room in Copenhagen, so I won’t be able to submit any pics nor video – I am sure there are some pics and video floating around the Zag and JBU archives, if not ask Bruce Gold…

Andrew Lange

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  1. Dan
    10 April, 2015 at 2:01 pm · Reply

    many of us have to travel to the deep north in order to carve out a living for ourselves in this hustle and bustle that are our livity. respect to you my brother for staying away from the source, our temple for months on end in order to provide for your family. sadly i force myself to forget about the ocean for 5 months a year and i am a poorer human for it, but when i get back i am like a dog who hasnt seen its owner for the same amount of time. enjoy the mother of us all. ride those lines as if they where sent for you and you alone. peace and love my brother

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