2 March, 2015 2 March, 2015

Andrew Banks


Through my competitive career I’ve won three SA titles, and more recently in 2010 I won the World Masters in Panama. At that point I thought I was at the peak of my surfing career, but having climbed on some Hurricane boards my surfing has elevated to another level. The four models I’m currently riding all go incredibly well, and I would love to showcase them on some big J-Bay walls.

My surfing is based solely on power and tuberiding, and both these attributes bode well for the type of wave Supers is. My exposure to competitive surfing has given me a clear understanding of what’s required in a 20 minute heat and my ability to combine speed, power and flow make me a worthy applicant.

Please give me a crack!

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  1. Denham
    10 April, 2015 at 4:45 pm · Reply

    Go banksy!

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