8 August, 2013 8 August, 2013

21 Days – Jordy Smith and CJ Hobgood – Episode 2

In this modern age where pros release hourly surf clips featuring high-paced action, it’s nice to slow things down once in a while and get some insight into what exactly is going on in their minds. That’s why Red Bull’s 21 Days series is such a hit, and they’re a good place to gain more info about the Dream Tour surfers we get to watch so often.

In episode two of 21 Days’ focus on Jordy Smith and CJ Hobgood you’ll get to learn how Lyndall (Jordy’s fiancé) deals with a bummed-out Jordy after he loses, and how CJ used to (and still does) fight it out with his identical twin brother Damien. Plus a whole bunch more.

Check out episode 1 here>>

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