7 March, 2014 7 March, 2014

14 Years On – Shannon Ainslie

Having survived a double shark attack at Nahoon Reef as a 15 year-old grom relatively unscathed in 2000, Shannon Ainslie clearly has luck (call it what you will) on his side.

That was 14 years ago, and Shannon’s run of ‘luck’ has since seen him get to call Supertubes his home break, and has fine-tuned a solid repertoire for ripping.

Here’s a look at Shannon, 14 years on and stoked to be alive.


See more from Shannon on surflife.co.za
Video edit by: Carel Olivier
Footage by: Carel Olivier, Remi Petersen, Dijon Smith, Tabu Burger & Schalk Burger.

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