7 June, 2019 7 June, 2019

Higher Light – As it Happened

Red hot surfing tucked in between legs of the QS, Beyrick went on a tear through Africa, exploring Mozambique, Senegal and Namibia which all culminated in Steve Michelsen’s edit – Higher Light.

Great footage styled with some quality cinematography and a dope soundtrack. All that effort no doubt should be rewarded with a dope ass party. And that’s exactly what went down in Durban and Cape Town thanks to the maniacs at Monster. Of course, we got some photographic evidence of the jol that blew the roof off at Aces ‘n’ Spades this last Tuesday, check it!!

Big thanks to Home Brew Cafe in Umhlanga for hosting the lads and lasses in Durban. 

And in case you been dossing under Patrick’s rock, here’s the edit the party was for:

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