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The Beauty I See – by Scott Cuttre

There are moments when surfing leaves us speechless, while other times it can spark ideas and words that bubble forth. ‘The Beauty I See’ is a poem by Scott Cuttre and an entry into our Write To Surf competition, which has some epic prizes by Billabong up for grabs if your story gets selected to appear in the magazine (see details below).

THE BEAUTY I SEE – by: Scott Cuttre


Countless scenes have attempted to capture nature’s divine aesthetics
paintings and photos merely imitate what feels truly kinetic

My life’s calling provides daily views that perpetually resonate
some take these moments for granted but for me they’ll never depreciate

While others sit stoic in wonderment and gaze
compelled as I am, my focus is overpowered by waves

The difference between myself and spectators derives from a fever within
during reflection they’ll watch me walk past with a cord to my shin

Faces of curiosity take glances at what I can’t live without
they’ll stay puzzled, unknowing why this love has no doubt

To be blessed with these moments doesn’t come cheap
beautiful times in this light are spent while others lay asleep

Feverishly dressing, silent thoughts resemble a prayer
so transparent the envy of those choosing to sit and stare

An abundance of emotions permeate my body when sand hits my feet
the only time in this life when my thoughts feel somewhat complete

With my focus in place several equations begin to get solved
excitement changing to fear hoping this time my skills have evolved


Once all assessments are made, I stop for a moment and breath
slowing down all my thoughts while absorbing the scent of the breeze

I then make my ascent following a path taken so many a time
a paddle known, still uncertain, I make my unpredictable climb

Like the waves my emotions are constantly changing
each session differs from the last, resulting in either trepidation or elation

Finding my way to the lineup many different personalities lay behold
I stay to myself, selfishly wanting all this time to my own

Obeying the laws others before me have set
I rely on my instincts, making sure I don’t wind up in someone’s debt

Fulfilled, I decide it’s time to withdraw
I can’t help but focus on lost efforts that lead to unfavourable falls

When I exit sudden sadness begins to creep in
realising as I retreat, nothing will match the feeling of where I’ve just been

Where do I go when this wonderment goes away
with nothing left for me just static makes my mind go astray

Humbling moments to each session provokes an understanding and peace
clutching so tightly to this skill that provides my only release

A change to this way of life would bring nothing but sorrow
observing this beauty leaves me with hope for tomorrow

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