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To Surf or Not To Surf?

In this article that featured in Zag Vol. 14 No. 5 (circa 1990), Nick Pike weighs up some of the risks we face as surfers in SA. Then, once you’re sufficiently freaked out – convinced that surfing is nothing but a hazardous activity not to be undertaken by anyone in their right mind – scroll down for some of the reasons why we still surf.

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1) PERFECT TUBES IN SUMMER – As shown by Brian Jacobs during the summer of ’82, somewhere down KZN’s south coast. – Photo by: Terence Hobgen (Vol. 6.2).



2) PERFECT TUBES IN WINTER – As shown by the ’88 SA Champ, Chris Knutsen, somewhere on the north coast. – Photo by: Chris Van Lennep. (Vol. 12.2)



3) MOUNTAINS, WINE AND WAVES – It’s tough to argue with that, all of which is produced plentifully all over the Cape Peninsula. Cape Stalwart Johnny Paarman proves the point at Llandudno. – Photo by: Paul Naude (Vol. 6.4)



4) ENDLESS POINTBREAKS AND UNTAPPED POTENTIAL – The Kei is as every bit as wild as the name suggests, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.- Photo by: Pat Flanagan. (Vol. 5.1)



5) CLEAN BLUE WATERS AND JUBILATION – As shown by Greg Hastie, on a Bluff Beaut. – Photo by: Chris Van Lennep (Vol. 6.4).


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