22 May, 2014 22 May, 2014

The Unwritten Rules

While surf fashion, equipment and style all change with the tide, there is one part of surfing that has remained the same for decades. The unwritten rules of surfing, often referred to as ‘surf etiquette’, are far too often ignored these days. But in order for sessions where we find ourselves sharing peaks with others to be as fun as possible, these rules are essential to maintaining stoke in the lineup.

This week we throw you back to Zigzag 16#3 (1992), where we shared these important tips on how to approach the inevitable situation of sharing waves at a busy break. (click image to read article.)


For those already well-versed on the rules, check out another of our timeless Pro Surf Tips below.

This time we asked legendary tube master, Shaun Tomson, to give us some pointers on how to get deep inside the pit (and get spat out, of course).


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  1. Glen Drysdale
    22 May, 2014 at 12:02 pm · Reply

    throwback thurs. is an excellent series zag team, keep em coming.

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