22 February, 2018 22 February, 2018

Throwback Thursday – Showcase

Why 1991? Well, why not, hows that? In 1991 the world population was a mere 5,304,000,000 compared to today’s 7,603,725,311. Ushering in a new era of music and fashion the 90’s saw the explosion of pop culture defined by bright colours and glow sticks. The surfing industry was no exception with the majority of sticks out in the line up resembling your pencil bags highlighter collection. The baggies which accompanied these retro boards were more often than not just as outlandish. There is little to no doubt that fashion trends tend to be pretty repetitive, I for one would smaak to get these funky decals back on the racks and in the line-up, come on shapers lets bring the 90’s. But only for a little.

To put some context on how far a throwback this is, the first colour image scanner hit the market changing the design game forever in 1991. Even crazier, the first website was put up on the World Wide Web – holy sh*t. This Thursday we thought we would consult the surfing oracle that is our archives and dig up some boards straight out of the Showcase check’em out. Make sure your headphones are nearby to bang out those 1991 hits as well as a set of sunnies because these boards are bright. 

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