1 February, 2018 1 February, 2018

Throwback Thursday – Loved to Death

Howzit and welcome to yet another edition of Throwback Thursday, Zag style. Today we take it back to 2010, the year SA hosted the Fifa World Cup, remember that beer induced blur that occurred between the 11th June – 11th July. Yeah, that’s it, coming back to you, isn’t it? Well, that year Zag dropped some heat in their ‘Green Issue’ (34.7), the title -Loved to Death. The article touches on some important messages concerning the state of our oceans.

The team here at the Zag cave thought it fitting to pull up this article from the archives following our announcement that we are in the process of becoming a ‘green mag’. Pretty rad ey, we think so too. Don’t have binocular vision, no worries cuzzie just somma click the image and a bigger version will pop up nogal. Happy reading homies and to keep the irie vibes going tucked in between the pages is a laid back track to promote the clean green vibes.✌️ 






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