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Stolen Identity


“Surfers were faced with the problem that their personal mode of dress was being plagiarised by every Tom, Dick and whoever…” – wrote Garnet Currie in his 1978 article ‘Surfers… Are They Losing Their Identity?’ (Zigzag Vol. 2.4). It’s a question which is still being debated today, nearly four decades later and after a number of schizophrenic fashion changes over the years.

Still, Garnet’s exploration of this topic is worth a read (and a reminisce for our more cultured readers) as he focusses on the non-conformist, laid back attitude of the sixties, juxtaposed with the ‘new’, more fashion-conscious era that was ushered in by the seventies.

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“With more at stake, surfers bending to new found commitments started losing their individualism and unique identity” – Garnet Currie.

Shaun Tomson (left) and Buzzy Kerbox (right), “a far cry from jeans and thongs…”

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  1. Terence Hogben
    12 February, 2015 at 11:59 am · Reply

    So True , and Garnet Currie is such a good writer.

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