5 February, 2015 5 February, 2015

Still On It

For our throwback this week, we thought it would be rad to link up with Matt Pallet – who features on the cover of the new issue (Vol. 39.2) – in an attempt to recreate an iconic shot of Kevin Todd holding the second ever issue of Zag (Vol 1.2) in 1976.


Matt’s lowdown: “I got a call from Calvin ‘Jnr’ saying that he wanted to do a throwback to the seventies by re-creating a similar picture of Kevin Todd, who was photographed surfing with the Zag in his hands. So I agreed to try get that shot yesterday afternoon. We got what we needed on the first wave and tried to step it up with a barrel shot. But the waves weren’t hollow enough, so I tried to get an air shot. Calvin didn’t have fins so it was tough to link up. The messy conditions didn’t help either. But as the sun went down I think we got a little air shot, it was pretty confusing doing an air and holding a mag though.”

Matt Pallet with an ode to the past, holding what’s now the 240th issue of Zag.

Calvin Jnr“The conditions weren’t ideal but it was still a lot of fun meeting up with Matt and trying to get a similar picture to Paul Naude at the last minute! Matt was super amped to get the best possible shot and that made the whole mission worthwhile.”

Matt boosting into the late afternoon light – mag gripped tightly in his left hand.

Kevin Todd, the original. Photo by: Paul Naude

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