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SA Surfing Legends

While we’re not going to be throwing you back this week per se, what we’ll be looking at is all about the past (and the present).

Inserted inside the new issue of Zag is a 48 page South African Surfing Legends Journal, which focusses on the ripping surfers who’ve helped shape SA Surfing into what it is today.

Look out for the South African Surfing Legends Journal in the latest issue.

With the help of the South African Surfing Legends organisation, we were able to gather a formidable group of some of SA’s most influential surfers from days gone by in Jeffreys Bay at the tail-end of winter last year. That the surf was absolutely cooking was a bonus, but the idea was to get these legends together again to chat about the past, the present and the future.

The gathering, J-Bay 2014.

What went down during that week-long gathering is featured in the Journal, as well as an interview with Zigzag co-founder; former Pipe Masters finalist; and surf industry guru, Paul Naude. Legendary Cape photographer, Shafiq Morton also discusses an iconic day at Sunset Reef, plus we get to learn a little bit more about the South African Surfing Legends organisation, which was formed last year by Patrick Flanagan and Graham Cormac.

By sponsoring the 2015 South African Junior trials at Uvongo this weekend, South African Surfing Legends are already living up to their mission statement – ‘To inspire, develop and mentor future generations of South African surfers through the celebration of our rich surfing heritage.’

So be sure to get your hands on a copy of Zigzag 39.2 and check out the South African Surfing Legends Journal.



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