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More From the Blue Tub

Here at the Zag cave there’s a big blue tub. And in that tub, one could easily get lost in the surfing history archived in every way shape and form imaginable. The original film slides and negatives contained inside, as well as the B&W and colour prints are enough to throw any nostalgic ripper into a fit of joy. Let’s just say that there’s no shortage of memories banked. For this week’s Throwback, we dip into the tub and take a closer look at a few more of these vintage snaps. [Click images to view larger]

Richard Cram (USA) ripped while in town for the ’84 Country Feeling Classic at Supers.

The world’s best right point fired through the 80’s. “Tony? Flying past the shelf at medium tide,” it says on the back of this epic shot by Alex Macun.

PE’s Baked Beans was cooking on Thursday, 26 March 1979.

Kalk Bay cranked for this comp. Unidentified stalls for the pit in the semi-finals.

On the east coast, meanwhile, Gavin Spowart scored some warm water tubes in Ballito.

Two of East London’s finest; Andre Malherbe (above) and Wendy Botha (below) shredded through the eighties.


This Bluff peak was cranking while only a fisherman and Shafiq Morton watched on.

More magic from Shafiq. Bruces Beauties cranking in the rain – June ’87.

For the Gotcha event in Durban, North Beach had some square barrels.

The Gunston 500 was one of the biggest events in the world in 1981. 15 year-old Martin Potter, riding a 5’6″ MR twinnie, finished second.

Bay of Plenty trying its best to find its old form after the Patterson groyne was removed.

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