7 August, 2014 7 August, 2014

Monumental Moments

Mzansi’s surf history is rich and varied, and sprinkled with a number of monumental moments that stand out. This week we throw you back to our 200th Issue (Zigzag 33.7 – circa 2009), where we featured just some of these important days in our surfing annals.

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The end of conscription sends a new wave of South African troops into the lineups back in ’93, while Ponta goes nutty for the Gotcha Experiencia five years later.

Night Contests hit Durban in ’94 and the toss of a coin puts the Kom on the map in ’85. Prior to that, Ant Brodowicz claimed gold at Nahoon in ’78.

Cass Collier and Ian Armstrong became Big Wave World Champs in ’99, Chris Bertish was one of the first to paddle Jaws in 2001, and a chance encounter at Glen Beach in the late 50’s brings SA up to speed regarding surf equipment.

Frankie O went searching in ’91, SA’s best wave is discovered in ’64, and Paul Canning busted down the doors again in ’95.

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