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Michael ‘Ginsy’ Ginsberg

“All my respect and soul goes out to the guys who build surfboards…” – Michael ‘Ginsy’ Ginsberg, circa 1978.

37 years have come and gone since Ginsy’s statement, but his soul is still fully in it. Formerly from Durban, Michael now lives in J-Bay and heads up operations for Firewire Surfboards in SA. This week we throw you back to 1978 (Vol. 2.2) with a look at an article on the self-proclaimed “Jekyll and Hyde” character of Michael Ginsberg.

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According to Michael’s 30 year-old self, surfing was the only sane thing left in a world gone mad. ‘Ginsy,’ as his peers called him, adopted this philosophy by spending most of his waking moments in the water.

“On the beach Michael is the personification of mellow, but in the water a latent aggression manifests itself…” – Tony Kinnear.

Ginsy in the late seventies (left) and with teamrider, Sebastian Williams, in J-Bay – 2014.

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